How Data Quality Affects Good Marketing Decisions

As marketers, we get disappointed and frustrated whenever we launch a campaign that does not really succeed. Most of the time we get emails bouncing back into our inboxes, or worst, we get direct emails being sent back. Having our marketing campaigns backfire is sadly a common occurrence. We all go through this. However, it does not have to be this way. We can now invest all our time, funds and efforts, to high-quality data. Most of us spend years investing in bad quality data. We never really knew how quality data could affect marketing decisions. This is why we’re here to show you how top-quality data can greatly impact our organizations.

We know where high – quality leads or customers are coming from.

When we try to measure our awareness metrics, we usually opt to rely on the number of followers we have on social media platforms or how many visits our websites have in a day. However, we can’t rely on these numbers alone. Although helpful, this information does not really contribute much when it comes to business objectives.

When we have top quality data, we get to see where our leads are most likely to be converted into existing customers. With good website visitor analytics, we can find out what traffic sources are producing converted leads. This way, we get to focus our time, funds and efforts on that specific traffic source. Good data also allows us to use our web analytics marketing tools – we not only get to see how effective our websites are but also how effective our marketing campaigns are.

We get to see how engaged our customers are.

With good quality data, we as marketers can determine how engaged our customers are with us. All this can be measured through how much time they spend on our websites, email open rates, and click-through-rates. We also get to see our content engagement rates. We can then determine which blog posts or subject matters engage our customers the most.

We find out if our customers are happy.

If we’ve recorded high-quality data we get to determine if our customers are happy or not. Most of the time, customer retention costs less than attracting and converting them. With accurate data, we get to see how we can keep our current customers. One of the best questions to ask your consumers to your customers is this, “Would you recommend our organization to others?”

From their answers, we can determine if they are happy or not. If they are not, at least we know that we have things that need improvement. If they are happy, good. Let’s keep doing what we are doing.

In a nutshell, when we gain high quality and accurate data, we can make key marketing decisions. When we know where our customers are coming from, we know what traffic sources to invest in more and which ones we need to improve. Knowing how engaged our consumers are can also help us in making better decisions. We get to see what posts or articles they view more and do more of those contents. When we know what makes our consumers happy, we gain an advantage for higher sales too. Customer retention is essential for any business. Since our customers want and need a change from time to time, finding out if they are happy with our products and services can sometimes be difficult. However, it is absolutely worth all the effort. When we know what makes them happy, we can align our marketing campaigns and the products we offer to those wants. We can offer them services or products according to their wants – which simply means they would not be able to say no.

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