Adshares Allows to Monetize Space in Metaverse

Adshares is a web3 decentralized marketplace for advertising, also being the most advanced blockchain-based projects in the advertising market. Adshares offers CPM, CPA, popup and pop-under campaigns.

Adshares ($ADS) is a decentralized network working since 2017. It offers the possibility to directly connect Publishers and Advertisers using blockchain protocol and allows them to sign advertising contracts without intermediaries. The Adshares team is constantly working to expand its ecosystem, making Adshares one of the largest decentralized ads platforms in the world. This is well illustrated by the number of monthly ad impressions, which surpassed 200 million.

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Immerse into Metaverse

The metaverse, as a future of the internet, is a digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually. Augmented reality overlays visual elements, sound, and other sensory input onto real-world settings to enhance the user experience. In contrast, virtual reality is entirely virtual and enhances fictional realities.

Lots of big companies are already investing in metaverse, with Facebook, currently rebranding to Meta, as the most important one.

Adshares is a Web3 protocol for Metaverse space monetization. Adshares Adserver platform allows users to rent advertising space inside Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT exhibitions and websites. The project’s goal is to utilize NFTs in order to help promote different products in the Metaverse. Adshares will display ads and art inside, in a decentralized way, to eliminate 3rd parties which collect substantial fees from both Publishers and Advertisers.

Ultimately Adshares wants to have their ads in the metaverse creations such as games, events, concerts and many more. The aim is to get rid of Google’s monopoly on the advertising market by allowing anyone to enter without a start-up fee. It also allows users to freely choose the ads they want to be displayed without any restrictions and with low fees.

Company wants to apply the same to the metaverse on an even larger scale. Adshares Web3 blockchain technology allows it to process 1.4 million transactions per second, which stands at the competitive edge with the aforementioned Google Ads.

The mission

“Adshares is the first 100% decentralized marketplace for programmable advertising, also being one of the most advanced blockchain-based projects in the advertising market. We use our own, unique blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers, allowing them to make direct deals. We currently have over 500 publishers and more are steadily coming. Using Adshares open source software, anyone can join the ecosystem and start their ad-related services in a just, transparent and egalitarian marketplace. Our vision for Adshares is to become the biggest decentralised marketing blockchain governed by DAO” said CEO of Adshares, Kris Bochenek.

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Web3 solution for advertising

Adshares as a decentralized web3 network wants to give people authority over their own ads. Any participant in the ecosystem can own a stake in the network by holding shares in the form of a token ($ADS), which is also used for billing. Adshares oversee the blockchain ecosystem, operators oversee their ad networks, publishers monetize traffic, and advertisers reach new customers. ADS connects them into a complete, easy to navigate ecosystem.

Adshares is not only an interesting alternative for GoogleAds. Adshares technology is likely to become GoogleAds successor. The Web3 revolution is already taking place, and no one ever approached decentralization of the advertising sector closer than this product.

With such a throughput (over 1 million transactions per second) and such an early market you might as well say they are a sleeping giant.

RTB is becoming the history, web3 blockchain solutions are the future.

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