Announcing Cord Tools, DevOps for Adobe Experience Manager

Hoodoo Digital announced that they have a new offering for users of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Cord Tools is an automated DevOps solution for users of Experience Manager, whether they are self-hosted on Adobe Managed Services or using Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. The code for Cord Tools is designed to work with Adobe’s systems.

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Cord Tools is accessible to everyone within the Adobe Experience Manager implementation community. It was designed to complement Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service by accelerating adoption and making it easier than ever to use AEM. Cord Tools has five unique capabilities for users, including a self-service model that is completely free.

  • Cord Dev – One command gets a team of developers set up with the same Experience Manager environment details, removing unnecessary frustration and saving a team hours of work.
  • Cord Pipes – Incorporates a modern, continuous integration pipeline built specifically for Adobe Experience Manager. The aim of which is to save time while providing confidence that code deployments won’t break the website.
  • Cord Review – Introduces on-demand preview environments that allow stakeholders to validate and approve work on individual features.
  • Cord Ops – Continuously monitors a website with health checks and alerts, allowing the production environment to run stress-free.
  • Cord Edge – Makes it simple to globally distribute a website with a fully integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Kem Elbrader, Co-founder of Hoodoo Digital, explained that Cord Tools helps bridge a gap for Adobe Experience Manager users, “Adobe Experience Manager is a tremendously robust platform, and as a result, it creates a variety of different DevOps needs for individual organizations. We designed Cord Tools to offer these organizations a better set of tools to help them improve their cohesion and manage the variety of DevOps requirements that are generated when using Adobe Experience Manager,” Kem said.

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