ArcatXP Is Transforming How Conferences & Tradeshows are Executed with Partner Portal

Event Technology Made for Event Professionals by Event Professionals

ArcatXP introduces, Partner Portal, which addresses the desperate need for scalable, intuitive, and budget friendly event management technology. ArcatXP’s Partner Portal is designed to get event operation teams out of spreadsheets when managing sponsor & exhibitor deliverables and communications.

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The Partner Portal will allow teams to:

  • Create & maintain a catalog of event sponsorship and exhibitor offerings.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of sponsorship & booth inventory in seconds
  • Track & manage all deadlines & deliverables received
  • Make ArcatXP a one stop shop by keeping all files received & logos in the documents tab
  • Collect company descriptions and all digital assets via a unique online form
  • Manage client contacts with easily accessible event history information
  • Save time & make keeping in touch a breeze with our email templates.
  • Communicate with confidence by personalizing, automating, and filtering email reminders

Genevieve Prifte, CEO & Co-founder of ArcatXP, LLC said, “Over the last 15+ years I have watched my event teams struggle with the level of manual and repetitive work required when planning an event due to the lack of relevant technology. I’ve spent countless hours demoing what felt like every product out there and none of them catered to the unique needs of event professionals and the high cost kept our teams drowning in spreadsheets. The pandemic allowed me to take a step back and realize that it was time for my co-founder and I to create the kind of event management technology I have been looking for the last 15 years. I can’t wait to see how our technology transforms event planning. As an industry we are way overdue for event technology made by event professionals. We are going to take care of planners with the same level of care every attendee receives.”

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