Aurox Announces Pre-Launch for the Aurox Wallet, a Web3 Browser Extension

  • The Wallet will transform the user experience among crypto investors and enthusiasts by providing a safe, secure, protected channel
  • Launch of the beta version will be released in June 2022 to those waitlisted

Aurox, a leading crypto software ecosystem, today announced the pre-launch and opening of the waitlist for the Aurox Wallet (“Wallet”), its new Web3 browser extension product offering designed to provide security and simplicity. The Wallet is fully integrated into the Aurox Terminal and could become the centerpiece of the entire Aurox ecosystem.

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The Wallet aims to protect users from hacks and allow users to track and trade all decentralized financing (DeFi) assets from a simplified panel. Moreover, it will be compatible with all browsers (including Tor) and hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, and Gridplus.

“The launch of our proprietary Aurox Wallet browser extension will provide us the opportunity to capitalize on the numerous catalysts and competitive advantages that will make us one of the leaders in the cryptocurrency software market,” said Aurox Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Giorgi Khazaradze. “The Wallet addresses industry key concerns, which include enhanced security protocols, viability and simplicity. As such, we have designed the Wallet to be the best DeFi wallet in the industry and we expect to see an influx of new users as more investors and users worldwide gain a broader understanding and trust of our innovative and first-in-class software for crypto enthusiasts and investors.”

The Wallet contains several methods of enhancing the protection of user information and crypto investments that include:

  • A smart contract monitoring system to detect scams.
  • A phishing page detection system that actively blocks and prevents users from being able to paste or even type their recovery phrases into any website.
  • A built-in mechanism preventing the sending of tokens into smart contracts.
  • A safe and simple login and account recovery system.

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The Wallet also includes several solutions that enhance the crypto investing experience for its customers through simplicity and viability. The multi-wallet and multi-chain solution allows users to view every chain and token within one view. The solution will enable the Wallet to display all incoming tokens for every supported chain without asking to import the tokens.

The first iteration will support blockchains such as ETH Mainnet, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, and layer two blockchains including Arbitrum and Optimism.

The Wallet is designed to keep a user’s portfolio balance constantly updated. Users will be able to easily check items such as token balance, overall portfolio value over time, average cost of entry for an individual token, and profit and loss on individual trades and the overall portfolio. Further, the new browser extension allows customers to easily browse, purchase, or bid on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or check prices and rarity. Additionally, the core of the ecosystem, the Aurox Protocols, will be powering the Wallet to allow for the simplest cross-chain trading experience. Lastly, the Wallet is entirely powered by Aurox Terminal data and provides real-time in-app decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) data for every supported token.

The beta version of the Wallet will be released in June to people on the Company’s waitlist. It will launch to the public immediately after Aurox successfully implements suggested changes from alpha and beta users.

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