Bright Data Announces Latest Market-Leading Compliance Measures In Annual Update

Enhanced KYC Regulations, Bounty Program and Certifications Expansion Measures Successfully Rolled Out During 2021

The industry-leading web data collection platform Bright Data announced a summary of its work in 2021 as it continuously strives to achieve total network compliance.

Setting, meeting and openly reporting on its compliance targets sit at the heart of Bright Data’s commitment for total transparency around its compliance processes. Most notably in 2021, Bright Data refused 736 potential customers as each use case provided by the businesses in question did not meet its stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

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“Running a state-of-the-art trustworthy web data platform greatly relies on keeping it compliant and secure”

In addition to rejecting a significant number of potential new customers for not meeting compliance requirements, the company also further strengthened its internal regulations and policies for using its web data infrastructure and network by implementing the following processes:

  • KYC expansion: A process that focuses on clearly defining the customer requirements of those wishing to use Bright Data’s public web data collection network. This first-of-a-kind process in the web data domain has now advanced several steps further, becoming even more comprehensive to ensure network security.
  • KYC monitoring: An additional unprecedented step in this growing industry and market. Bright Data’s in-house compliance team receives real-time alerts in cases where customers deviate from their KYC commitment. This process is now being further improved upon, and customers sending non-compliant traffic will automatically be blocked or diverted to Bright Data’s Data-Center Network until thoroughly reviewed and approved manually by the company’s compliance team. By implementing this step, Bright Data is ensuring that all traffic remains aligned with the KYC process definition; changes in the definition are always reviewed by a member of the compliance team.
  • Bounty program: The company continues to run a successful bounty program for the second year. In 2021 alone, more than 150 suggestions were made using the program, and over 30 were implemented to further elevate Bright Data’s compliance-driven approach. The program financially rewards each successful suggestion.
  • Certified ethical collectors: To further expand its network transparency, the company has worked to implement the capability to clearly identify certified collectors that limit their traffic rate and give webmasters the ability to mark non-public web pages to help the certified collectors identify them faster. This is a move towards having more transparency in the collection process, and Bright Data envisions that data-gathering traffic will become more transparent in 2022 so websites can identify this traffic and separate it from the organic user traffic. This way, they can improve the learning processes from real user behavior on their site. They can also gain insights from understanding which data is being collected and when and can even throttle down data-gathering during peak hours.

“Running a state-of-the-art trustworthy web data platform greatly relies on keeping it compliant and secure,” said Ron Kol, Bright Data’s CTO and Chief Information Security Officer. “As our thousands of customers’ demands grow, our technological innovation will also continue to increase its compliance edge so our customers can continue relying on Bright Data’s network, products and services with absolute trust. Dedicating our hard-earned expertise to these regulatory steps is one of our company’s primary goals and will continue to be through 2022,” Kol concluded.

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