Browsium Brings a Solution to Organizations Facing Flash End of Life Concerns

Browsium Inc. introduced a product offering to deliver a solution for organizations to address the imminent Adobe Flash end of life. While no longer supported by Adobe and browser vendors as of Dec 31, 2020, Microsoft has begun releasing a security update that removes any remaining Flash components – including the mms.cfg allow list workaround – by the end of July 2021. Failure to act will leave the enterprises at risk and end-users suddenly unable to access applications that require Flash.

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“Web and web applications created a unique problem for organizations. End-users could run virtually any solution inside the browser, but IT had no way to see what the users or apps were doing. Issues like Flash end of life have highlighted this blind spot,” said Ben Katz, Browsium CEO.

The Browsium solution delivers continued Flash operation using Browsium web application management tools. Organizations can use Browsium Ion to granularly control the browser to achieve any configuration or security position while staying constrained to a single-window instance. Unlike the mms.cfg patch Browsium Ion allows for a seamless permanent solution to Flash once and for all.

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This approach ensures organizations can define the ‘what is needed, where it’s needed’ approach to web app management. This offering ensures that organizations fix uninterrupted Flash operations and ensure that things will remain secure after July 2021.

“mms.config gave many organizations a false sense of security that the patch would fix the Flash problem indefinitely. However, as we see this month, the safety net is now being removed. Ion allows organizations to keep Flash running securely without the patch or expensive workarounds,” said Ben Katz, Browsium CEO.