Bubblr, Inc. Shares Key Components Of Its Open-Source Platform and Announces Dissolution of Previously Entered Letter of Intent with Obrenza

Bubblr Inc., an ethical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of mobile-first technologies, today announces three clearly defined components (PODS) in creating an open-source platform, allowing developers worldwide to access its patented IP and other Web 3.0 tools for the advancement of a better Internet.

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Bubblr’s PODS (Platform-Open Development System) approach to its IP is a three-tiered system designed to make it easy for developers worldwide to access and deploy Web 3.0-ready applications. These new applications can feature:

  • A new monetization mechanism that does not include advertising at all
  • Consumer privacy and consumer anonymity
  • The provision of a concierge search capability

PODS 1: A Distributed Software Platform that allows third-party developers to use Bubblr’s IP in whole or in part for new applications that align with ethical conceptualization and outcomes.

PODS 2: A Venture Development arm that provides motivation and momentum by identifying aligned startups for potential seed funding and deploying bounties, awards, grants, and early-stage capital to support third-party developers and teams building with the IP.

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PODS 3: A lean corporate executive group to provide general administrative duties including operations, legal (including IP licensing), and Investor Relations. It will work with both the Platform and Ventures group, organizing day-to-day administration details.

Together, Bubblr’s PODS support the Company’s overall mission to create robust and sustainable digital applications that will provide a real alternative to Ad-Tech as a way of monetizing free content and services. It will also place consumer privacy and anonymity at the heart of a better internet.

There is a strong argument that the root cause of many of the existing problems within the current internet ecosystem, such as lack of consumer privacy, fake news, radicalization, lack of access by most small businesses to the Internet as a marketing tool, is the current dominance of Ad-Tech.

The current Ad-Tech model is increasingly dysfunctional and corrupt, whilst Bubblr represents an ethical alternative. However, our remit will also extend to other technologies such as Obrenza’s, whose anonymous payment system also stops consumer data from being sold on by banks and credit card companies to support the currently dysfunctional Ad-Tech model.

The decision to move to an open-source platform has resulted in Bubblr and Obrenza agreeing to dissolve their Letter of Intent signed on Aug. 5, 2021. Instead, it is anticipated that Obrenza will participate as Bubblr’s first platform partner, making their anonymous payments application available to developers in alignment with Bubblr’s IP.

Bubblr CEO Steven Saunders said, “Obrenza will be a powerful tool for developers to utilize in creating anonymity and secure payments for the products they create. Their service will assist in the platform delivering an evolved internet experience that puts humans at the front of the digital equation.”

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