ChainRailz Tapping into the Next Phase of Web3 with Rare Resource – Supercomputers

ChainRailz Tapping into the Next Phase of Web3 with Rare Resource -  Supercomputers

Recently, ChainRailz has announced that they are entering into the next phase of Web3 with rare resouce – Super Compute. Making noise as the new disruptors on the block, ChainRailz claims to have rapidly and efficiently built a system to solve the world’s unsolvable problems, epidemics, and crises for pennies on the current dollar. ChainRailz makes this possible through its decentralized distributed network of supercomputers, providing the needed processing power for research scientists, engineers, and their labs around the globe. The ChainRailz network can unleash blockchain games from leading tech platforms to help them live and operate in alignment with the fundamental principles of their existential purpose.

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Up to this point, most blockchain ecosystems are served up on centralized systems of the Big Tech companies – now, ChainRailz offers an affordable alternative more consistent with the values and ethos of crypto and blockchain communities. Often referred to as Web3.0 or the decentralized metaverse, these growing communities regard personal freedom, community effort and asset ownership as high priority values. Not only is the ChainRailz network distributed and decentralized, it’s also tokenized and owned by its unique community of NFT holders who are rewarded with HRZ tokens, which holders can then stake to compound their earnings into CRZ.

Behind ChainRailz is their development team of longtime expert builders for massive networks, utilizing their career experience from their former centralized lives to develop this decentralized network ecosystem. ChainRailz CEO Myron Duckens, a seasoned technologist with over two decades of global sales and management experience, aims to redefine businesses with high-performance computing solutions and act as a dedicated leader to the growing NFT community.

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Situated among the growing number of future-focused blockchain technology, ChainRailz sets their product apart from the rest with a rare resource: supercomputer. “Our community is launching decentralized, distributed, democratized supercomputer,” CEO Myron Duckens says. “This rare resource, which is generally unavailable to the masses, will be available to all. This will allow creative individuals to use the power of supercomputer to bring their ideas to market.” With the company delivering more solutions from untapped human resources, ChainRailz aims to demonstrate the value of real people working behind the screen.

In addition to offering supercomputer, ChainRailz recognizes the dedicated NFT community in its efforts to revolutionize the industry. CEO Myron Duckens believes their NFT’s utility is the ultimate factor that sets their business apart from the rest: “The value of the artwork continues in perpetuity.” Using the super computer utility on ChainRailz’s network, the possibilities for users of all ages are endless for those interested in music, gaming, and collecting NFTs. “ChainRailz is a bridge that brings together the old and young, rich and poor — all human beings,” Duckens says. “The possibilities for human beings to connect are endless. I am humbled to have the opportunity to be part of a community that is this amazing.”

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