CIQ and Google Cloud to Provide Optimized Experience for Rocky Linux

CIQ and Google Cloud have joined forces to provide mutual customers a direct and unified best-in-class support experience for Rocky Linux.

Rocky Linux is a community-maintained and freely available enterprise Linux distribution founded and led by Gregory M. Kurtzer, one of the original founders of CentOS. Since the project was launched, there have consistently been over a quarter of million downloads and installs per month. Rocky is rapidly growing, and many large organizations have partnered and joined the community.

Google was the first cloud provider to offer Rocky Linux images when the project was first released as a replacement option for CentOS (version 8 end-of-life was Dec. 31, 2021). In addition, Google Cloud was one of the first hyperscalers to sponsor the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) to support the open-source community behind Rocky Linux. CIQ, the software infrastructure-focused company also started by Gregory Kurtzer, is the founding support and services partner for Rocky Linux.

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“At Google Cloud, we are focused on delivering a great customer experience for enterprises by building a robust platform for running all Linux-based workloads”

“We asked ourselves, how do we bring the best value to everyone?” recalls Gregory Kurtzer, CEO of CIQ and Founder of Rocky Linux. “Through this partnership, anytime you use our Rocky Linux on Google Cloud, CIQ, in conjunction with Google, has your back! From the cloud platform itself, all the way through the enterprise operating system, every aspect of using Google Cloud is supported by a single call to Google, and together, we are your escalation team.”

“At Google Cloud, we are focused on delivering a great customer experience for enterprises by building a robust platform for running all Linux-based workloads,” said Venkat Gattamneni, Senior Product Manager, Google Cloud. “As customers move to Rocky Linux, partnering with CIQ enables the next step in providing an optimized and supported experience to our customers.”

Starting today, Google Cloud customers can leverage Google’s support to get help for Rocky Linux. CIQ experts and Google Cloud’s support teams unite to address issues and provide enterprise-grade support. In addition, CIQ and Google Cloud are working together to ensure that Rocky Linux images on GCP will have the performance-tuning, specialized tools for easy migration, and faster support for specialized Google infrastructure. Together, CIQ, Google, AWS, Azure, VMware, Naver Cloud, and other cloud service providers are working to create a Rocky Linux Cloud SIG creating an optimized, standardized, and simplified Rocky Linux experience for the cloud in general.

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