Connatix Officially Introduces a First of its Kind Contextual Offering Named Deep Contextual

Deep Contextual is the most intuitive contextual targeting offering on the market that leverages AI-powered deep learning, advanced computer vision, natural language processing and other proprietary technologies to analyze video and page content, providing deeper insights and contextual categories for smarter and more effective targeting. Connatix has continued to test  its contextual targeting offerings with a select group of advertisers since 2020, and today announced that Deep Contextual is officially available to all advertising partners.

“Deep Contextual is not just a cookieless solution or something that will replace behavioral targeting,” said David Kashak, CEO and co-founder of Connatix. “We believe that the future will be contextual and behavioral targeting working together for  maximum impact. Deep Contextual will provide deeper insights about video and page content to give advertisers the tools they need  to make smarter decisions about what is suitable for individual brand and campaign goals. We aren’t marketing this as a brand safety solution, but rather a tech-driven tool in the brand suitability decision making process.”

As the video player technology for 4000+ leading publishers including The Associated Press, Accuweather, McClatchy and Reuters, Connatix offers unique, proprietary inventory and engaged audiences that advertisers would not  be able to target without leveraging Connatix’s technology. This gives advertisers more control over exactly where their ads are running to ensure brand and content alignment when scaling campaigns.

“We partnered with Connatix on an advanced conquesting campaign for a national, leading automotive company. Leveraging Deep Contextual, we targeted competitive brand content online to ensure that the brand’s video ads appeared alongside relevant automotive content, reaching the audiences that were researching vehicles in our competitive category,” said Jessica Griffith, Media Solutions Manager at Goodway Group. “We see a great deal of opportunity with contextual targeting in the future, especially with the help of tech-driven tools like Connatix’s Deep Contextual that allow our teams to make smarter decisions that maximize budgets and exceed campaign goals. We saw some of our highest video performance (78% for both VCR and viewability) against our Connatix contextual conquesting tactic, indicating that the relevant environments were driving better engagement with our message.”

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Connatix Deep Contextual uses AI (including deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision) to analyze audio, text, metadata, and videos in real time. After extracting multimedia data points, a knowledge graph contextualizes and classifies the outputs using a real-world understanding of media content, trends and connections between topics to derive insights about notable brands, celebrities, language sentiment, and content categories/subcategories that are either mentioned or seen. The end result is a contextual solution smart enough to know when a video about Elon Musk should also be tagged as Tesla, and when it should be categorized as business vs. green technology, for example. .

So far, the Deep Contextual technology has resulted in 100+ contextual categories for advertisers to target.  As of May 2022, Connatix had over 1.77B+ ad impressions with a contextual category, and on average, campaigns using Deep Contextual saw increases across metrics including viewability, VCR, interaction rate and CTR when compared to campaigns with no contextual targeting applied.The success of contextual targeting has also led Connatix’s advertising business to see a 327% YOY increase in ad spend from deals compared to the first half of 2021.

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