Elementor Raises the Ceiling on Speed and Design With Faster and Lighter Web Pages

The web-building platform’s V3.2 release focuses on performance, enabling faster page load and more user control over design

Elementor, the leading WordPress website building platform, has announced the release of V3.2 of its free plugin, which includes new features and enhancements to enable even better performance.

Website performance and page speed are integral parts of professional web creation, and for creators, designers, marketers and developers, keeping assets lean is critical. Oversized files and unnecessary assets often lead to slow page-loading, which can inhibit businesses from competing in a fast-paced and challenging ecosystem.

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Performance has always been a priority for Elementor, and 2021 is no exception. The company has optimized its development cycle and created a five-track plan fixated on specific performance areas such as Optimized Asset Loading, JavaScript/CSS Libraries, Optimized internal JavaScript and CSS, Optimized Backend and Rendering Processes, and more slim code output. Elementor’s plan ensures that all aspects of performance receive significant improvements, front and back. As part of its mission to help web creators build better-performing websites, Elementor also offers a wide variety of free content like tutorials, webinars, and performance-focused courses that help educate web creators on how to best implement complete WordPress optimization.

In this latest release, Elementor continues to deliver performance-centric features and optimizations that ensure better page load speed for all users. The Lightbox, Screenful, Dialog and Share links libraries are all loaded conditionally, and two legacy DOM elements – elementor-image and elementor-text-editor – have been removed. The e-icons CSS file has also been split into two separate libraries – frontend and backend – saving up to 50KB on any given page load.

A new Google font loading feature personalizes users’ loading experience, enabling them to modify how Elementor loads Google Fonts. Elementor dashboard settings offer auto, swap, block, optional, and fallback.

“As the leading WordPress website builder, our mission is to enable the most professional, top-performing sites so that web creators succeed in search optimization, traffic generation, user engagement and conversion marketing. V3.2 advances this goal by facilitating light and fast sites,” said Eran Alon, VP Product Marketing at Elementor. “We remain dedicated to providing the strongest performance possible. I am excited about other upcoming efforts on this front and am confident our users are equally so.”

3.2 also includes a swath of design features and capabilities which increase both control and flexibility, including a text path widget, mask option and a gradient button.

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