Global Football Star Ronaldinho Steps Into Web3; Launches Creator Token $RON

Legendary football player Ronaldinho announced the creation of $RON with social token platform P00LS. The two-time FIFA World Player of the Year, FIFA World Cup winner, and 2005 Ballon d’Or winner is joining a new generation of creators looking to connect further with their communities through a new kind of ownership model.

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“P00LS is about empowering creators and their communities with a new model for ownership and value”

“My fans have been at the heart of my success on the pitch and off. Over the past two decades, they have followed my journey to the beautiful countries I had the opportunity to play in and visit, with the support and celebration that exemplifies the best of what football can offer the world. More than just fans, they are my community,” said Ronaldinho. “This is why I am incredibly excited to launch my token with P00LS. Working with P00LS has been an opportunity to rethink the way I connect with my fans, create new and stronger bonds, and together build a global community where ownership is shared.”

The $RON token will allow holders to fully immerse themselves in Ronaldinho’s universe, from exclusive content, events, and merchandise to token-gated channels and NFTs. At its core, the $RON token community represents a new way for fans to gain access to Ronaldinho and connect with one another.

“P00LS is about empowering creators and their communities with a new model for ownership and value,” said Hugo Renaudin, founder and chief executive of P00LS. “As one of the world’s most beloved and recognized sports stars, the launch of Ronaldinho’s token marks a massive step for his community, for P00LS, and for the creator economy at large. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome him to the platform and to the P00LS community.”

$RON is an ERC-20 token and will be formally launched and able to be earned on the P00LS platform on April 28.

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As a part of the P00LS protocol, day-one supporters of Ronaldinho will be able to earn his tokens for free on the P00LS launchpad prior to the official launch. Through a range of actions — from answering questions about his past to sharing information about Ronaldinho through their social media channels — fans and friends can earn tokens easily at no cost. This social token infrastructure will create the governance model to inform decision-making on future projects, empowering both Ronaldinho and his community to unlock value in perpetuity.

Ronaldinho is the latest creator to launch with P00LS, the premier tool for accessing creator value. He joins Hugo Comte, Blond:ish, Carlita and other brands and creators looking for a deeper connection with their fanbases. Founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Hugo Renaudin, P00LS is the leading community-first Web3 protocol for creator cryptocurrencies. P00LS partners with creators and brands to launch their own social token, distribute it to their communities, and list it on the P00LS decentralized exchange, where it can be earned and traded on Ethereum.

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