Jelastic Released Enterprise WordPress Hosting Package with Auto-Scaling and High Availability

Jelastic PaaS launched auto-scalable WordPress cluster to provide enterprise-level availability, easy setup and management for highly-loaded projects

Jelastic, multi-cloud platform that supplies a full-featured container-based PaaS for application deployment and management, launched enterprise-grade WordPress hosting package based on the newly-built cluster with pre-configured automatic scaling and high availability.

“Website availability and performance have a direct business impact for most of the companies nowadays. We bore that in mind while building our clusterized WordPress package in order to eliminate downtime issues, improve performance and cyber security protection. In combination with pay-per-use pricing model, the enterprise level solution becomes affordable for everyone,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

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The released WordPress cluster helps to handle unexpected load spikes or permanent high load, ensure zero downtime, improve performance and response time, cut maintenance costs, and, as a result, offers excellent experience for websites owners and visitors.

“It is crucial to avoid a bad user experience caused by the website downtime for 1M visitors in a few days. Jelastic auto-scalable WordPress hosting with Hidora service provider helps us to prove being a reliable e-commerce hub, that is always stable and highly-available no matter how many users visit our site,” said Jérôme Amoudruz, co-founder.

Pre-packaged WordPress cluster can be installed automatically from the marketplace with the following configuration:

  • LiteSpeed ADC or NGINX load balancer for distributing the incoming traffic
  • LiteSpeed Web Server or NGINX PHP servers with preconfigured automatic scaling
  • Highly-available MariaDB Galera Cluster or master-master replication
  • Redis caching and Shared Storage
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL pre-installed as add-on
  • Premium CDN for lightning-fast static assets loading
  • Web Application Firewall in LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering for protection against botnet traffic
  • WordPress Multisite Networking

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The offered topology minimizes a possibility of website downtime by ensuring extra level of redundancy at each layer (load balancing, application servers and databases) for large-scale projects. Integrated HTTP/3 ready premium CDN speeds up content delivery providing a superb experience for site visitors and thus helps to achieve higher Google rankings. Using LiteSpeed technology handles significantly more traffic with fewer resources, highly improves performance and security of the whole cluster by means of built-in WAF, reCAPTCHA, per-IP throttling, SSL renegotiation protection and other cutting-edge anti-DDoS features.

Pre-configured package with automated scaling for the servers, as well as database replication (master-master or Galera cluster) simplifies and accelerates the cluster provisioning and further maintenance requiring no manual setups. So the companies can focus on business instead of managing servers and tuning infrastructure.

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