KOAMTAC Releases Web-based SDK to Facilitate Web Application Development for KDC Companion, Wearable & SmartSled Scanners

The Web SDK is a web-based alternative to traditional OS-specific software development kits and allows users to create cross-platform applications within a web browser environment.

KOAMTAC Inc., a leading manufacturer of Bluetooth companion and wearable barcode scanners, Barcode and RFID Sleds, mPOS solutions, and enterprise charging solutions launched the new Web SDK for KDC Scanners, allowing all BLE KDC devices to be programmed via a web browser while connected to a PC or Android device via Bluetooth.

The Web SDK was developed to give KDC users more flexibility in creating their own custom applications that interact with KDC scanners. Users can now write cross-platform applications that conveniently run within a web browser, rather than needing various SDKs for different operating systems. The Web SDK allows users to tailor their custom applications to the job at hand as well as achieve the desired scanning experience through implementing key features like barcode and RFID reading, as well as the configuration of device options.

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For desktop browsers, the Web SDK supports Chrome, version 85 and above; and Microsoft Edge, version 85 and above. Support for mobile browsers includes Chrome for Android, version 85 and above; and Samsung Internet, version 7.0 and above on mobile. The Web SDK runs in a secure HTTPS environment.

“The KOAMTAC Web SDK aims to make users’ lives easier allowing for more flexibility and adaptability than your standard OS-specific SDK. We empower users by providing the best development tools available—assisting them in creating the best custom applications for their KDC operations with efficiency and efficacy in mind,” said Dr. Hanjin Lee, President of KOAMTAC.

The Web SDK is complimentary for existing KDC customers after signing a release agreement, as is technical support from top engineers and the development team to ensure ease of data collection in any situation.

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