Madeium NFTs Ignite a New Creative Industry

Ex-adidas Design Director Invents a Peer-to-Peer Design Network that Empowers Independent Creatives through Access to Top Innovation.

Jesse Rademacher left adidas® two years ago to spark a creative revolution. Madeium is the result.

Madeium provides the world’s best creatives innovative ways to monetize their work, control their intellectual property (IP), effectively collaborate, and participate in direct profit-sharing. Known as the “Home-Court Advantage for Creativity,” Madeium offers.

  • A Peer-to-Peer Design Community organized project-by-project
  • A Design Entrepreneurship Platform for launching businesses
  • NFT Marketplaces for selling experiences and products (both digital and physical)
  • An Innovation Network to bring ideas to market
  • Custom NTF Sites to turn existing websites into NFT Marketplaces.

Madeium’s Multi-Blockchain Ecosystem registers IP and allows Maker Teams to transparently track profit percentages and royalties through Digital Wallets in $USD or Cryptocurrency. As Jesse says, “You make it, you own it.”

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Madeium NFTs unleash creatives, athletes, and influencers to directly build daring concepts, share digital workspaces, and mint tokens. Making, selling, licensing, profit-sharing, and tracking products are greatly simplified in Madeium’s groundbreaking economy that turns creatives into owners.

Madeium is currently launching legendary Dogtown skater, Jay Adams’, NFT Collection in partnership with photographer, Pep Williams, and Jay’s son, Seven Adams. These NFTs grant various rights to photos taken on Hawaii’s North Shore shortly before Jay’s death. Pep’s work, often described as “the freshest kind of raw,” is internationally acclaimed and his “Prison Series” is on permanent display at L.A.’s Autry Museum.

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Next on Madeium, Jagger Eaton, professional skater, Tokyo Games bronze medalist, and Tampa Pro champ will be minting NFTs in collaboration with leading designers. Jagger’s NFT Collection includes 3D printed bronze sculptures, digital animations, 3D sneakers, elite sneaker customizers, and an Experience NFT with Jagger.

Jesse Rademacher is CEO and Co-Founder, with Sean Rademacher, of Madeium. Previously a Design Director of Footwear & Innovation at adidas, Jesse created brands, product, and footwear for Kanye, Pharrell, Fucking Awesome, Mark GonzalesJames Harden, and Damien Lillardamong others. His book, Creatives Make Terrible Pets, will be published in 2022.

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