nFLARE DAO Is Setting the Stage for the Next Big Thing in Crypto: DAO-Driven Leasing Protocols


The lucrative possibilities of the most recent emerging trend in the cryptoverse, leasing and borrowing NFTs, are gaining the attention of gamers, investors, speculators, and creators looking to capitalize on their assets and content.

A lending and borrowing marketplace, particularly one set as a community-managed platform that harnesses DAO rewarding tokenomics, makes it possible to utilize NFT assets across different niches as tools for generating passive revenue on a wide scale, a possibility that NFT holders didn’t really have before, or at best – have on a very restricted capacity.

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As top virtual world projects invest resources into developing internal NFT leasing protocols that will serve as a foundation for a growing economy centered on NFTs’ wider applications and utilities, Leasing NFTs has begun already to take hold in growing circles, mostly in closed-environment scholarships on P2E games like Axie or virtual land inside a particular region like The Sandbox. Another contributing factor is the projected increase in demand for metaverse real estate, especially as mega-corporations such as Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft are heavily investing in this vision and looking to drive its adoption into their massive user base.

Generating passive revenue via NFT leasing is maturing independently of the higher-level market trends since whether the market is bearish or bullish, gamers, for example, will constantly search for leveled-up characters and gear, specifically as these directly impact their P2E rewards.

The anticipation in the crypto industry in general, and the NFT space in particular, is that NFT leasing and its merging of NFT assets with DeFi concepts and gaming is on a clear path to emerge as the next big trend and adopted utility.

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Collateralized smart contracts and uncollateralized NFT multisig wallets are relatively straightforward to build; however, a project’s trajectory lies in the way its community and users leverage their reach to propel its growth. The next generation of NFT marketplaces will be defined by the DAO that leverages the power of its community to influence the market and how the marketplace itself interacts with third-party metaverse entities, and this is where nFLARE enters the scene: a self-governed marketplace DAO for NFT asset rentals.

There are a few NFT rental marketplaces at the moment, but as a community-centered project, nFLARE DAO aims to lead as a global marketplace that makes it possible for users to rent their play-to-earn items, intellectual property, digital real estate, and various other NFT owned assets to others, benefiting lenders and borrowers alike, while using next-generation tokenomics to reward DAO members and community supporters that are an integral part of the platform’s expansion.

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