OUTFRONT Media Welcomes Back NYC Transit Riders With ‘Live, Play, Eat, See’ Campaign

OUTFRONT Media Inc.  reveals new campaign titled ‘Live, Play, Eat, See NYC’ to excite and welcome back locals, commuters, tourists, and more as subway ridership increases to over 2.4 million trips per average weekday.

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With warmer weather, restrictions easing, decreases in infection rates, increases in vaccination, and more employees returning to offices, New Yorkers are eager to live, play, eat, and see their beloved city again. OUTFRONT partnered with MFour to conduct a proprietary study and determined corporate/office employees indicated they are working both in the office and remotely, mixing up their habits with 32.6% working 5 days in the office, and 41% working 2-3 days in the office, which could bring more people into the transit system.

The campaign welcomes New Yorkers to experience all that the city has to offer featuring four key lifestyle categories: Live, Play, Eat, and See. Brands and experiences highlighted in the campaign derive from a range of sectors, and include CLEAR, The FRIENDS™Experience, Robofun, and Yummy-Dog, who each align with one of the four categories through creative logo placement and the opportunity to include a URL or dynamic QR code. The vibrant layouts are currently posted throughout the subway system, brightening both the environments and the daily lives of the riders.

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Clever copy lines include: “When your living room dance parties aren’t cutting it anymore. See NYC with The FRIENDS™Experience”; “You must be tired of talking to that same computer screen by now. Live NYC with Robofun”; “Sure, Virtual tennis is great, but don’t you miss playing outside? Live NYC with Yummy-Dog”; “Time to start playing tourist in your own town again. Live NYC with CLEAR.”

“It’s an exciting time to be in New York City,” said Phil Stimpson, OUTFRONT’s East Region EVP. “After a year of staying at home, New Yorkers are reemerging and experiencing the city in a whole new way. We are seeing the city come back to life, full of vibrant culture, and brands are aligning with the positive momentum. This Live, Play, Eat, See NYC program brings it all to life.”

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