PureFi Signs a Strategic Partnership Agreement With KIROBO


PureFi, a decentralized protocol that provides compliance tools while maintaining the anonymity of users, and Kirobo, a technology-rich company with a sophisticated proprietary solution that enables users to undo transfers of assets if sent to the wrong address, entered into a mutually beneficial partnership agreement that is aimed at cross-integrating both projects’ proprietary systems to emphasize on AML compliance.

Although DeFi has enjoyed massive success since its inception, the industry faces some risks and challenges that might affect users and its adoption by mainstream organizations. The recent guidelines laid out by FATF directly address concerns related to anonymity and its role in increasing financial crime. Thereby promising to impose further updates on AML and KYC facilitation. Both Kirobo and PureFi see the need to partner up to solidify their positions on the market and follow the upcoming updates in the regulations.

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The collaboration is divided into several phases of integration: PureFi Beta is integrated with Kirobo existing interfaces and other solutions for human errors in cryptocurrency to be launched soon. Kirobo’s users will be able to investigate the source of the sender’s funds, by using PureFi’s AML tools, whereas PureFi users will be able to retrieve crypto transfers sent in error by using Kirobo’s platform.

“We are humbled to be partnered up with Kirobo! It always feels great to meet big believers in the potential of cryptocurrency and DeFi and find a way to be useful to each other. I am looking forward to the integration,” says Slava Demchuk, the CEO of PureFi.

“Kirobo is proud to announce a partnership with PureFi, a specialist in AML certificates for DeFi users and operators. This collaboration emphasizes Kirobo’s two main goals: providing a safer experience to crypto users, and advancing the maturity of the crypto ecosystem,” says Kirobo CEO and Co-Founder Asaf Naim.

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Above the mentioned points, both companies have expressed some additional collaboration elements to be implemented later in the partnership. Kirobo is interested in launching a farming campaign on the PureFi dashboard to incentivize the community and users.

In addition, Kirobo is willing to facilitate an introduction to Chain Analysis to potentially integrate as an additional AML service provider in PureFi solutions. Last but not least, PureFi will facilitate integrating Kirobo’s solutions into another sister project, AML Safe.