Quantum, The NFT Giving Users Thousands in Passive Income

E-commerce is booming. It has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries in the world and has provided entrepreneurs with the opportunity to build 7 figure brands from the comfort of their own home. You’ve probably seen ads from “gurus” about the insane passive income potential of a successful online store, but we all know it’s not as simple as they make it seem. Building a successful e-commerce brand requires a ton of time, capital, and skill that most people don’t have readily available, so it makes sense that over 80% of e-commerce businesses fail.

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First Gen Industries saw this as an opportunity to innovate. Instead of building the business, what if you owned a share in 100 online businesses that provided you with consistent rewards? And what if that share’s value continued to grow as the business did? Here lies the opportunity.

Their NFT project, Quantum Society, is a collection of 4400 NFTs that provide holders with a unique opportunity to passively build wealth on the backs of successful e-commerce brands.

The NFTs are backed by 50-100 e-commerce stores which will be built by First Gen.  Each store is expected to be earning $5,000 – $150,000 in monthly revenue, 100% of profit will be reinvested back into amenities and events for the community or direct holder rewards. First Gen Industries is no longer taking clients, the company is devoting 2022 to providing over $1,500,000 of digital assets & services to Quantum Society while scaling its current stores.

While First Gen is busy building the community’s stores, Quantum Society’s focus is financially empowering its community while becoming a bridge for valuable companies and creators to bring their products to the blockchain.

Each NFT serves as a key to the future roadmap, in which holders gain access to exclusive tech, licensing rights, events, pre-sales and discounts for DAOs and NFT projects that Quantum Society builds and incubates. Inspired by the likes of Tom Bilyeu‘s Impact Theory Founders Key, Quantum Society is on track to become an empowering web3 ecosystem.

First Gen Industries is set on delivering a product that goes beyond income and provides holders with an arsenal of highly valuable benefits. Owners reserve a measurable piece of value which will grow as Quantum Society becomes a key asset in the space.

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