Refinitiv’s GIACT® Adds Global Consumer and Business Identity Verification to its EPIC Platform®

GIACT, a Refinitiv company, today announced that it has added a global consumer and business identity verification solution, gIDENTIFY® Global, to its EPIC Platform. gIDENTIFY Global represents a significant advancement in global identity verification, allowing U.S. organizations to validate non-U.S. persons across 38 countries and businesses across 11 countries, respectively.

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gIDENTIFY Global leverages traditional and non-traditional data from multiple U.S. and international data sources to help confirm consumer and business identities in real-time. Seamlessly integrated into the EPIC Platform, gIDENTIFY Global optimizes the identification process, allowing organizations to onboard and transact with foreign entities with more confidence and less risk.

“Organizations looking for robust solutions for international client onboarding and verification have either had to validate identities through a patchwork of local sources or through single-point solutions that don’t mitigate fraud and risk across the customer lifecycle, on a global scale,” said James Mirfin, Global Head of Digital Identity & Fraud Solutions at Refinitiv. “gIDENTIFY Global, added to Refinitiv’s comprehensive end-to-end platform, will help organizations grow their business internationally, mitigate fraud as well as address KYC to help meet compliance, underwriting and risk management requirements.”

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In addition to streamlining the identification process, gIDENTIFY Global can help organizations:

  • Mitigate fraud and risk in real-time, including fraud tactics such as account takeovers, true name fraud and synthetic identity fraud;
  • Help meet international regulatory compliance requirements with greater speed and accuracy;
  • Facilitate faster onboarding and reduce false declines;
  • Expand to new markets and scale operations internationally with confidence.

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