Rogue Station Companies, Inc./Everdime Technologies, Inc. Executes Agreement for First Custom NFT Package

Everdime – Crypto is more than just a currency, it's the future.Rogue Station Companies, Inc./Everdime Technologies, Inc.  has entered into a collaborative agreement with noted artist Tjili Grant Wetherill, and singer Andrea Hosking to provide a custom NFT package combining digital art and music for the benefit of Osborne School. The school, located in Winchester, England, is a maintained special school under England’s National Curriculum, serving pupils with learning disabilities, ages 11-19. All parties have agreed to donate their services and any listing fees to the Project. RGST will deliver a blockchain proof of ownership and list the NFT packages for auction on OpenSea and other platforms. All proceeds from the auctions will be donated to Osborne School to support art and music programs, with an emphasis on commercializing student skills.

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Sandor Miklos, RGST’s new CEO, stated “This is a wonderful, worthwhile project and will demonstrate our capabilities in the NFT generation/listing marketplace. A successful Proof and posting shows customers what our team can do for their income generating projects.”

The Company is also preparing for a change in Domicile from Delaware to Wyoming, and name change to Everdime, Inc. which will likely result in a trading symbol change. The Company expects to submit its Other Corporate Action notice to FINRA in the next two to three weeks.

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