Slope wallet, the Web 3.0 Mobile Gateway has Launched Cross-chain Swap Functionality

Slope Wallet is the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana and is available in the App Store, Google Play, and Chrome extension.

As the first mobile decentralized wallet launched in the Solana network, reaching the key benchmark of 1,000,000 active users, Slope wallet has accomplished another milestone: connecting to the mainstream blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, and Terra to improve the efficiency of interaction between assets on different chains.

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With the continued adoption of DeFi in 2021, cross-chain is in substantial demand, where blockchains interact with each other to achieve cross-chain assets, cross-chain data, and interoperability between different chains.

The launch of Slope wallet’s cross-chain functionality marks the transition from a single-chain wallet to a multi-chain wallet with a broader range of secure and easy-to-use wallet services. Slope wallet is truly embracing the diverse ecosystem and clearing the way for the integration of the web 3.0 network. The key functionalities are as follows:

Lowering the threshold for accessing the blockchain

Currently, different blockchains are not identical in the underlying technology, infrastructure, and security model, meaning there is no interoperability between chains. This silo effect limits users’ freedom in asset trading, swaps and transactions. Slope Wallet now allows users to access multiple mainstream public chains (Ethereum, BSC, Terra). Users only need to switch blockchain networks to access different networks and view asset data information in real-time.

Improve the efficiency of crypto-asset swap

By merging into multiple blockchains, Solana users can convert their Solana-based assets, for example, into Ethereum, Polygon, Terra, which meets the Slope wallet user needs – greatly improving the efficiency of asset trading for users. Historically, users had to struggle through centralized exchanges to complete the swap of assets on different chains; however, it now only takes a few seconds to complete the cross-chain swap with Slope wallet.

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Push the boundaries of core functions

Slope wallet is more than just a wallet; it also acts as a financial platform where users can stake crypto assets or participate in liquidity mining of DeFi projects in the wallet to become a liquidity provider. Furthermore, by linking to other blockchain networks, users will not only participate in Solana-powered projects, but they can also participate in other blockchain projects for staking, liquidity mining, IDO, and more.

The launch of cross-chain functionality will enhance Slope wallet’s user base while providing even more services. As a mobile gateway to web 3.0, Slope wallet will launch more functions in the near future! Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Slope Finance just announced the close of an $8m Series A Funding co-lead by Solana Ventures and Jump Capital and eminent VCs and leading Exchanges such as Sequoia Capital, Genesis Trading, CMS, Spark Digital, Spartan Group, Fenbushi Capital and Mirana Ventures (Bybit).

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