Streamlytics Enables Public to Attach Real-World Data to NFTs for Improved Metaverse Experiences

Through the company’s proprietary Universal Data Interchange Format (UDIF) data standard, individuals can now unify and connect web2 data into web3 environments

Streamlytics, a market maker in the ethical data space, continues to show its resolute commitment to innovation and data portability. In its latest development, the company is leveraging its own Universal Data Interchange Format (UDIF) to enable individuals to connect activity data from today’s most popular technology platforms to NFTs that they own or mint entirely new NFT’s with their data attached.

Historically, NFTs have been used for collectibles and cryptocurrency projects, and Streamlytics is innovating in a way that combines NFT utility functionality with its patent-pending UDIF data standard as a transporter. The result is truly portable data across the current structure, web2, and the future environment, web3 decentralized internet.

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Streamlytics’ development is unique in that affinities, streaming preferences and consumption habits such as songs, playlists, purchases or viewership across various platforms can now be customized, unified and ported into web3 environments. Simply put, this means that individuals can easily transfer their favorite activities, items, songs, etc. from Netflix, Google, Hulu, Apple, YouTube, Spotify, Uber and other digital platforms into web3 communities and metaverse environments, allowing them to customize environments or avatars based upon their real world preferences and activity.

In addition, security and privacy continue to be a key differentiator for Streamlytics’ data products, as personal identifying information (PII) is stripped in UDIF’s data standardization process. Individuals have the opportunity to not only keep their privacy foremost but also remain anonymous or pseudonymous when attaching their web2 data to NFTs.

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Streamlytics’ patent-pending UDIF is not new; the company has been using the data standard in its technology stack to transform data ingested from its consumer-facing products. However, this new use of existing technology is indicative of how it can be applied to emerging technologies like web3. This latest breakthrough feature comes compliments of Streamlytics Labs, a division of the company that focuses on applying proprietary technologies to new emerging technology and trends.

Not too long ago, the concept of NFTs, the metaverse and web3 may have sounded like unrealistic elements of a sci-fi fantasy; now they are the mark of real-life aspects of today’s world and where it’s going.

“At Streamlytics we believe web3 is the future and a new foundation for the internet when it comes to data portability and privacy,” said Streamlytics founder and CEO Angela Benton. “We’re extremely excited to be able to open up our UDIF data standard to the general public to use in new and exciting ways, starting with NFTs.”

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