Project Pivots to Hinder Facebook’s Meta

Primary Internet hub to create Gateway To Everything…including privacy.

The owners of the Internet domain, one of the oldest continuously owned Web addresses at 26 years, have decided to try and directly inhibit Mark Zuckerberg’s takeover of the metaverse. “Basically, we want to impede Mark Zuckerberg’s relentless march, aka the ‘Z-Menace’, by providing easy navigation and privacy to Web users,” says owner Tal Newhart.

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This widening of the original SuperHub model will bifurcate the portal or browser into two easily navigated regions. One side of will branch into the familiar ‘realverse’ including neutral social media, expanding e-commerce platforms, and legal online sports betting platforms such as DraftKings and Barstool Sports. Basically, the fun and useful places we go every day. The other side will navigate into the expanding virtual worlds of the metaverse including doorways to Fortnite and Roblox, NFT platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible, crypto trading, as well as virtual platforms that would include Microsoft’s amazing Mixed Reality efforts, such as virtual classrooms. It will not include the privacy shattering world of Meta. will provide access to everything by providing a master gate through which a user can easily travel and then efficiently decide where they want to go without being watched and steered for the purposes of aggressive monetization without consent or social responsibility.

“No firm does this better than Facebook. In our opinion, Zuckerberg, along with his secretive scientist army, have created the largest, most sophisticated surveillance organization in human history. Zuckerberg slipping on a flashy mask and calling it “Meta” or creating the so-called Meta ‘Privacy Center’ changes absolutely nothing.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Newhart adds. “Privacy respecting search engine, which I admire almost as greatly as I do Frances Haugen, has been profitable since 2014. The Duck proves you don’t need to pulverize a user’s soul to make an honest and reasonable profit from them.”

This is the ethos a co-venture partner or buyer/investor will embrace and run with.

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