Talking #EventTech As You Go Hybrid & Virtual This Fall

If you’re making the pivot to a hybrid or a virtual event production this fall you’re also thinking about the event tech platform that you’re going to use. So, the question is do you start with the event tech or do you think about your hybrid event production holistically.

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There’s a wide variety of event tech tools that can help drive event productions in the fall of 2021 – which further begs the question of where to start. Well, typically it makes the most sense to start thinking first about the narrative and experience you want to create for your users and attendees and then work backwards to identify the right event tech for your particular event.

“It’s really important that organizations start with the end game in mind, how do they want their event to look and feel – whether it’s hybrid, virtual, or IRL,” explains NYC Video Pros / Production Solved, Executive Producer – Jason Cohen. “There’s been a ton of advancement over the past 18 to 24 months in event tech technology platforms and it’s critical that organizations start by thinking about what they want to accomplish and then look for the right technology and production partners.”

To that end, some important factors to consider when thinking about the event tech stack:

– First, decide on what you want the virtual event production or hybrid event to look and feel like

– Determine what the guest experience is going to be…is it a private event? Do you want to offer sponsorship opportunities? Or is it a public event best suited for social media distribution – making the broadcast paramount?

– Do you want an all in one tech solution or do you want to bring together a best of breed sampling of event tech to produce the event at hand?

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