The Inaugural Metaverse Summit Set to Go Live in Decentraland in February

The summit will focus on a wide range of disruptive, next-gen technologies that are shaping the future

The inaugural, two-day Metaverse Summit is set to commence on February 10, 2022 in Decentraland, the world’s largest, open-source metaverse. The summit will bring together a slew of experts, visionaries, thought leaders, developers, and more to educate the public about the metaverse and outline how the future of metaverses around the world is expected to develop.

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One of the main goals of the summit is to push for a positive, decentralized, and sustainable future, and to help industry players understand the technologies and capitalize on opportunities for empowering growth, development and value in the metaverse and in metaverse-related industries and technologies.

The Growing Metaverse

The impact that the metaverse has had in redefining human interaction and propelling technological advancement is well established, and hundreds of millions of dollars have already been poured into the development and expansion of large-scale metaverses. A single plot of land in Decentraland retails for over $10,000, with some investors paying millions for select plots in strategic locations. Millions more are being spent on building out the metaverse, with dedicated platforms and projects competing in the design, on-ramping, and expansion of a variety of metaverse-based products and services.

The metaverse has captured the imagination of technologists, educators, investors, and more, but where we go from here is anyone’s guess. Charting a path that others can follow is the goal of the Metaverse Summit, which is being hosted by GDA Capital, a specialized financial technology firm that helps institutional investors and businesses bridge the gaps that exist between traditional capital markets and new, innovative, and disruptive technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech, and NFTs.

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