ThreeFold and Take Action Global Partner to Bring Internet Access to 1 Billion People Across the Globe

Take Action Global

ThreeFold and Take Action Global join forces to create the first carbon negative peer-to-peer Internet while providing climate education and economic inclusion programs

ThreeFold, an open-source peer-to-peer Internet company, has announced their plans with Take Action Global (TAG) to provide Internet access to 1 billion people across the globe along with offering climate education and economic inclusion programs to benefit underserved local communities.

After starting their partnership in June, ThreeFold and TAG are now advancing their partnership to regenerate the planet through the first carbon negative peer-to-peer internet in the world. ThreeFold’s highly energy-efficient Internet infrastructure already offers cloud storage that consumes about 10 times less energy than other storage systems, thanks to its lightweight operating system and peer-to-peer design. Take Action Global (“TAG”) is taking another direction towards carbon removal by providing climate education and economic inclusion programs for students and teachers across 140 countries. They support innovative education programs that involve more than 2 million students taking action against climate change while also enhancing the lives of communities around them.

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This next step in the partnership between ThreeFold and TAG will focus on making the ThreeFold Grid a carbon-negative Internet infrastructure by offsetting its carbon emissions three times in the form of voluntary carbon credits. The ThreeFold Grid is already the world’s largest peer-to-peer Internet, formed by independent people or organizations that connect hardware at their homes or offices. For participating in the expansion of this decentralized Internet, they are rewarded with ThreeFold Tokens (TFT), the utility token of the ThreeFold Ecosystem, on a monthly basis. In early 2022, a pilot program will be launched to fine-tune and validate the carbon emissions related to the ThreeFold Grid to start a global tree planting initiative in Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Philippines and Malawi. Once offset, the ThreeFold Grid will continue to produce voluntary carbon credits to finance further initiatives such as fostering climate education and renewable energy grid developments to enhance the life of communities at large.

“I’m incredibly excited about the partnership we’re building with Take Action Global to regenerate our planet,” says Kristof de Spiegeleer, Founder of ThreeFold. “Using our decentralized model to spread Internet access across the world, we will now also provide climate education and economic inclusion to communities at large, which is key to achieve our collective dream of a sustainable world.”

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Koen Timmers, Executive Director of Take Action Global said about the partnership, “The collaboration with ThreeFold is a perfect fit with our shared goal to bring access to the world and inspire change by providing opportunities for students to take action on social good causes through education and technology. We want to raise the bar of education by having experts to teach the students and by initiating teacher training with help of their advanced technology.”

Climate change is one of the biggest, if not the biggest threat humanity is facing today and urgently needs to be tackled. On top of that, Internet access was declared to be a human right by the UN in 2014. ThreeFold is building a so-called “People’s Internet” while their partner TAG facilitates comprehensive education and climate action programs where every penny collected will be allocated to bring internet access to new locations while regenerating our planet.

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