UpLift LaunchPad Released to Help Fund Disruptive Projects

UpLift LaunchPad, a cross-chain platform able to support projects based on any blockchain network, has announced its official kickoff. UpLift answers the call for stronger launchpads to help support projects that have chosen to raise funds from individual backers who will become the ultimate users of the projects. UpLift.io, which is backed by the LIFT utility token, is positioned to become a leading platform for disruptive projects and retail investors to come together.

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The UpLift community has set a goal to become the first launchpad with one million active participants and to raise $1B for future projects.

“We saw a definite need for a launchpad like UpLift. Too many times we have seen disruptive projects avoid crowdfunding for their instability, and fear of their tokens being sold too quickly. UpLift answers that problem, by providing a stable, cognitive launchpad for strong projects to leverage crowdfunding for its fundraising,” said Irina Heaver, UpLift DAO Council Member.

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UpLift is positioning itself to support DeFi projects in a decentralized way, as well as offer traditional businesses a chance to raise funds in a decentralized way from multiple backers. By offering a safe place for their token to grow and not be sold too soon, UpLift allows projects a better market entry chances. It also continues the mission behind DeFi, which is to allow the ‘little guy’ the opportunity to invest in large profitable projects. This opportunity is currently only available for well-connected Venture Capital firms rather than having retail investors continue to grow their wealth.

UpLift is proud to leverage its large community to ensure the growth for each project. UpLift expects such growth to happen in three phases. The first phase is the incubation/pre-launch phase, the official launch is the second phase, and the accelerate/growth stage is the final phase. This will allow projects to fully realize their full potential without sinking their token price right out of the gate.