TitanTV, Inc. Releases MediaStar 4 with Direct Data Reporting Feature

Announcing MediaStar 4 – The Next Generation of Our Trusted Schedule Management Tool

TitanTV Inc., announces the release of MediaStar 4, the next generation of MediaStar, the company’s TV schedule management tool that over one thousand stations rely on every day.

MediaStar 4 provides the flexibility and control needed to streamline the day-to-day maintenance of schedules and report generation for stations and station groups.

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Since its introduction in 2004, MediaStar has become the essential program schedule management tool to ensure clients’ schedules are accurate, consistent, and timely.  Its feature set has continuously evolved in response to an exponential increase in the scheduling workload of programming staffs.  This growth is driven by the proliferation of linear schedules via diginets, streaming, and the new challenges arising from the ongoing adoption of NextGen TV.

With MediaStar 3’s underlying code having reached the end of its service life, the staff of TitanTV, Inc. is formally announcing the release of MediaStar 4 at NAB 2022.  Built on an all-new foundation, MediaStar 4 has the capability to support new features requested by clients.

“Over the years, our MediaStar clients have become accustomed to bringing us their ever-growing programming issues to discover how we can help solve them with MediaStar,” stated Heidi Steffen, Chief Revenue Office, TitanTV, Inc. “We are proud of the number of times we have been able to modify MediaStar by adding a new feature or expanding the capabilities of an existing function to create innovative and effective solutions to those programming needs.”

“One of the most frequent concerns relayed to us recently,” revealed Steffen, “regarded the delay between when a station sends out their programming reports and when those changes are reflected in the guides from the broadcast industry’s various services.  Manually collecting data, creating a file for it in a service-specific format, and emailing the file could take several days and were prone to keying errors by both the station and the guide service. During this extended period, a station’s guide would be incorrect and not match its actual schedule.”

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“This outreach by a number of our clients is what led us to creating the Direct Data Reporting feature to decrease the time it takes to get program data updated across the guide industry,” concluded Steffen.

In MediaStar 4’s Direct Data Reporting feature, a station’s schedule data is collected and exported to the major data services in a single, seamless operation.  It is no longer necessary for a station to manually gather its data, convert it into the only file format recognized by that data service provider, then send that file to the provider.

The collection, formatting, and transmitting of the data is now handled automatically.  The data is exported in a format that can be ingested and processed by the data services Red Bee/FYI, Gracenote, and TV Media, with additional partners to come.

Shaun Stark, Head of North America Red Bee Media, added, “Direct Data Reporting will provide our mutual clients a more streamlined avenue of engagement with Red Bee Media, offering the ability to deliver real time reports providing updates directly to the teams at Red Bee and allowing these updates to be processed in a timelier manner. We expect Direct Data Reporting to improve upon our accurate listings metadata by keeping us on top of last-minute updates to schedule information and enhancing the end user experience within our clients’ products.”

In addition to saving time and effort eliminating duplicated steps for each data provider, Direct Data Reporting eliminates the keying errors that can occur in the collection of the data and the conversion of it into the appropriate format for your chosen service.

Kevin Rose, EVP of TV Media, expressed, “This easy process allows for more accurate schedules and a faster turnaround for scheduling changes which ensures viewers have reliable guide data.”

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