Over 3000 Brands Protected by White Bullet’s Newly Launched Platform

Take-up of the new solution IPIP reflects the fact that dynamic piracy detection remains an urgent issue for brands and rights owners

White Bullet announces that it has already helped to stop 44 million dollars of ad spend from funding online piracy by collaborating with brands, advertisers, regulators and rights owners. Its recently launched Intellectual Property Infringement Platform (IPIP) – designed to make the job of detecting digital piracy more straightforward – is now being used by clients such as the City of London Police, Hollywood studios and real-time bidding advertising platforms.

WBreleaseimageAs the piracy market evolves rapidly, White Bullet’s pioneering technology helps combat traditional website piracy and emerging threats such as pirate mobile apps. Its dynamic piracy detection enables rights holders to protect their content and prevent brands from advertising on unsafe websites and apps.


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IPIP connects rights owners and the advertising industry with real-time data about piracy risk so all parties can take action to stop funding piracy. These solutions allow clients to understand the universe of pirate websites and apps, remove them, and prevent them from generating revenue.

Damien Bidmead – Marketing Head, White Bullet, explains: “The more intermediaries in the ad supply chain that pick up the reigns and inject piracy risk data into their protocols, the less pirate publishers will generate from digital advertising. Clients are waking up to the fact that all it takes is a commitment to use IPIP’s API to access up-to-date data.

“Sadly, any system relying on static lists or build-up of takedown requests from rights owners will be largely ineffective. Only real-time data has a genuine impact on ad-supported piracy,” he warns.

White Bullet is witnessing a higher uptake of its solutions as brand safety becomes more sophisticated on a programmatic level.

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Its new platform looks for IP-infringing content, examines each infringement’s context, and analyses technical and financial support provided to pirates to determine structural violation on a commercial scale – providing accurate piracy risk scores based on this analysis. IPIP detects piracy across multiple digital ecosystems, remaining up-to-date in real-time, and tracking that all-important financial impact.

 After harvesting data from billions of websites and over 50 app stores worldwide, AI and machine learning take the strain. This enables rights holders to focus on priority targets for enforcement and to see the financial impact of their efforts on the pirate universe whilst simultaneously helping brands to filter out risky publishers.

 “This represents the first time that the industry can put aside static lists of pirate websites. The web does not stand still, and neither do pirates. But now it is easier than ever to locate them and stop them in their tracks,” adds Bidmead.

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