Clyde Launches Ownership Enrichment Platform To Help Brands Maximize Post-Purchase Opportunities

Clyde unites product protection, registration and issue resolution to help brands and retailers drive lifetime value and strengthen brand loyalty

Clyde Clyde, an ownership enrichment company, today announced the launch of its Ownership Enrichment Platform, which helps brands deepen customer relationships and drive lifetime value through reimagined product protection, registration and issue resolution experiences. The platform includes Registration and Claims Plus — two new products that join Clyde’s Extended Warranty solution to bring more value to the post-purchase experience for merchants and their customers.

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“We’re excited to usher in this new chapter of Clyde as we deliver more opportunities for companies to understand and help their customers get the most out of their products”

Connecting Brands With Customers: The Ownership Enrichment Platform

Today, it’s more difficult than ever for brands and retailers to connect with customers, especially when the cost of doing business is rising. Market forces such as rising oil prices, supply chain bottlenecks and worker shortages are dramatically increasing merchants’ operating costs while eroding their profit margins. Furthermore, privacy changes are making data more expensive and harder to come by. In response, Clyde’s platform offers brands a way to acquire first-party data by connecting with new and existing customers. These points of connection help protect a brand’s investment in customer acquisition, while growing its customer base’s LTV.

Only Clyde covers the entire post-purchase journey with moments that generate meaningful insights and build direct relationships with customers in every channel. Clyde’s platform grants brands unprecedented access to their customers through three key solutions:

  • Registration – Registration invites retail customers into a brand’s digital onboarding experience so brands can connect with their third-party customers directly. Reclaiming these customers enhances product, marketing and outreach efforts so merchants can reach 100% of their customer base. With best-in-class product onboarding, a consumer-grade experience and seamless marketing automation integrations, brands can retarget and re-engage customers in the future.
  • Claims Plus – Claims Plus is a smart resolution app that plugs into a merchant’s existing support workflow to unite disparate data sources and automate instant claims resolution for product issues, whether a product is under warranty or not. By facilitating a quick and reliable issue resolution process, brands can reduce chaos, prevent costly mistakes and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Extended Warranty – With Extended Warranty, Clyde helps brands build trust and drive profitable revenue with product protection that includes bespoke brand-native design, purpose-built programs and data-driven optimization. Backed by time-tested insurers and powered by top-tier technology, Clyde’s Extended Warranty solution makes high-performing product protection experiences available to merchants in every industry.

“Brands are looking to create authentic connections with product owners, which is why Clyde has expanded our product line to create an ownership hub that bundles best-in-class solutions in one easy platform,” said Brandon Gell, founder and CEO, Clyde. “With Clyde, brands can protect the customer relationships they’ve already invested in, build direct relationships with third-party buyers and make every customer support issue a positive experience. We’re proud to offer these benefits with an all-in-one solution.”

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