Paisley Farm Foods National Survey Finds Consumers Sought Comfort with Familiar Brands During Pandemic

Paisley Farm FoodsConsumers sought food brand security in a world full of mixed messages and social uncertainty, according to results of a national survey conducted during the height of the pandemic by Paisley Farm foods and may be an indicator of future buying patterns. Responses to multiple questions indicated that consumers are not only comforted by brands they trust but would rather see new products from an existing brand than seek alternative products from one they were not as familiar with.

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The in-depth survey, conducted in late 2020, discussed pandemic food purchasing habits and perceptions with over 20 active social media users with ages ranging from 25-70, located from coast to coast. Long form questions were directed around the Paisley Farm brand of products and yielded telling responses on how the bunkering mentality effected purchasing behavior.

Consumers indicated that they were stocking up more frequently, to avoid running low on favorite foods, and that the appeal of the Paisley Farm line of foods highlighted comforting attributes. Actual consumer observations and quotes concerning their interest in the brand included “farm to table,” “homemade feel and quality,” “family, community and consumer focus,” “trusted brand,” “wholesome, proud product, small batch.” Interestingly, many consumers indicated that they would travel out of their way to acquire the brand.

“When we asked consumers about other products that we don’t produce, they categorically responded that they would like to see more products in our line, as opposed to seeking out other brand alternatives. We found that the words ‘trust,’ and ‘community’ were heavily invoked, indicating that consumers felt an affinity towards our products, as if they represented a position in the household. We feel that this strong brand affinity may continue beyond the pandemic,” says Chris Smith, CEO of the Fremont Company, owners of Paisley Farm Foods.

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