63% Marketers Do Not Utilize Fraud Prevention Techniques: Singular’s Fraud Index

Singular’s Study Is The First Of Its Kind To Examine Fraud Data From Multiple Fraud Prevention Solutions, Each With Its Own Set Of Anti-Fraud Methods

Singular, the industry’s only unified marketing analytics solution connecting attribution data with campaign data in a single platform, announced the release of The Singular Fraud Index revealing the most active fraud prevention techniques in the mobile industry, as well as the 20 Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks driving the lowest rates of fraud.

Singular’s study draws on data from hundreds of the world’s largest apps and is the first study of its kind to examine fraud data from multiple fraud prevention solutions, each with its own set of anti-fraud methods.

As a source-agnostic platform that connects to any marketing solution, including various fraud detection and prevention solutions, Singular has an inside view of the many forms of fraud plaguing marketers as well as the anti-fraud techniques used by the world’s most sophisticated marketers to fight back. Singular leverages this unique view to reveal:

  • The mobile industry’s most active fraud prevention methods
  • The 20 most secure mobile ad networks
  • Evolving attack patterns and the future of fraud prevention

Unique findings in the report include:

  • A staggering 63% of marketers do not utilize fraud prevention techniques in their mobile marketing systems.
  • Nearly 70% of the total fraud prevented each month is attempted via attribution manipulation, or fraudsters trying to steal credit for installs from organic and non-organic sources.
  • Currently there isn’t one prevention method that reigns supreme in blocking the majority of fraud — rather marketers employ a handful of methods, with each method blocking its share of the total fraud prevented each month.
  • Evolving attack patterns have rendered certain prevention methods less effective over time and exposed new vulnerabilities in existing fraud solutions.

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Gadi Eliashiv
Gadi Eliashiv

Singular CEO and co-founder Gadi Eliashiv said: “Amid all the noise in the analytics ecosystem that data science, machine learning and performance optimization can defeat fraud, the mobile industry still suffers from persistently high fraud costs each year as the majority of marketers fail to implement active fraud prevention in their mobile marketing systems. The Singular Fraud Index focuses on the marketers and the media providers that are fighting back by highlighting the prevention methods blocking the most fraud as well as the media providers which are the most resilient to fraudulent traffic. Marketers have long wondered where their ad dollars are the safest — and we’re excited to finally provide the answer.”

In conjunction with its fraud study, Singular announced the release of an enhanced version of its Fraud Prevention Suite, with updates to its built-in heuristics, fraud analytics tools and adaptive rules engine.

Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite utilizes all known prevention methods to ensure maximum protection against existing fraud threats as well as unknown threats to come. The new features analyze countless fraud signals at the most granular levels to identify illegitimate traffic, while Singular’s fraud prevention engine automatically applies rules at the time of attribution to stop fraud in its tracks, keeping sources clean and media budgets focused on quality users.

In regards to Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite, Eliashiv said: “Fraud is still a major problem for mobile marketers — and part of the blame lies with the analytics industry. Third-party analytics providers treat fraud prevention as a luxury, offering it to marketers as a ‘premium’ add-on rather than a free feature embedded in the platform. Equally problematic is the complexity of existing fraud offerings — for instance, attribution platforms that place the burden on marketers to run their own statistical analysis to detect fraud. Singular is rapidly changing this paradigm with fraud prevention that is effective out of the box and free of charge for customers. Our enhanced Fraud Prevention Suite streamlines statistical fraud analysis for marketers, equipping them with the most comprehensive set of built-in heuristics to detect and destroy increasingly sophisticated forms of fraud with unprecedented precision.”

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