Explainify Partners with Space Creator for Starship Journey to Mars Animated Series

Top Animation Explainer Video Service Reaches for the Stars in this Four-Part Instagram Series Explaining Space Travel to Mars

Explainify, a leader in animated explainer videos, has partnered with Iliya Pyshnyy, German science communicator and animator known as Spaceiac, for an exclusive Instagram series on the SpaceX Starship Journey to Mars.

Through the simplicity of short-form explainer videos, Explainify and Pyshnyy tell this incredible true story of how SpaceX and NASA will complete Starship’s 30-month mission to Mars.

“We are thrilled to partner with Spaceiac for such an important and timely animated series,” says Derek Gerber, VP at Explainify. “The beauty of animated explainer videos is that they have the ability to tell an overly-complicated story and simplify it in an entertaining and engaging way. To take the highly complex and pare it down to the simplest form is something Explainify does on a daily basis and Starship’s Journey is another creative way of doing that.”

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To take the highly complex and pare it down to the simplest form is something Explainify does on a daily basis and the SpaceX Starship Journey to Mars is another creative way of doing that.

The four-part series is now exclusively available on on Instagram, featuring the following topics:


  • Part One: Explores the SpaceX Starship journey from Earth’s surface to low Earth orbit.
  • Part Two: Everything related to the SpaceX Starship in low Earth orbit, including how orbital refueling will work along with the tanker variant.
  • Part Three: Starship’s interplanetary journey begins with a look at radiation and the techniques used to protect the astronauts and the propellant from boil-off.
  • Part Four: The final part dives into the SpaceX Starship arrival on Mars, featuring the landing, payload capabilities of Starship, and how to refuel the Starship on Mars so that it can go back to Earth after finishing its mission.

Separately, these parts make for an easy viewing experience. Watched together, the series becomes a valuable short-form educational video. Whether you’re a SpaceX or NASA enthusiast or just interested in learning something new, the SpaceX Starship Journey to Mars, powered by Explainify will completely change how you look at space travel, as well as how explainer videos work at making a complex subject matter completely understandable and entertaining.

“Next year will mark Explainify’s 10-year anniversary, which gives us a great feeling of pride in our success,” adds Gerber. “However, with that success comes responsibility and that includes giving back to the creative community. Showcasing a young talent such as Spaceiac is our way of doing that and we look forward to partnering with other talented creatives in the future.”

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