eyeson is Moving Beyond Video Conferencing Running Auto-Moderated Town Hall Meetings

eyeson’s patented single stream technology provides a feature that optimizes video conferencing streams on cloud servers that are transmitted to all participants in a defined layout in real time. While a unique selection algorithm, also developed by eyeson, makes it possible to go beyond moderated video conferencing towards cloud based auto arrangement of videos and participants based on intelligent activity tracking.

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“Virtual events are oftentimes a source of concerns regarding the moderation of the event and participants,” says Andreas Kröpfl, CEO of eyeson. “We care about excellence and easy communication, so we conceived a technology that dynamically prioritizes activity and allows refocusing of participants as needed.”

Merging multiple video/audio streams into one stream is well known by now. However, merging hundreds of video meeting participants can cause headache to many event organisers who want to keep discussions controlled and well moderated! The eyeson tech team developed an algorithm that helps you prioritise by activity and keep everyone focused on the essential. With long discussions in mind, where leaders, event organizers and moderators need to coordinate over 100 participants, eyeson brought its users an algorithm that automatically brings active speakers to the virtual main stage.

“Our technology takes over all handling from the client’s side and acts as a virtual moderator based on an intelligent cloud-hosted decision algorithm and our cloud-based video transcoding services,” says Michael Wolfgang, CTO of eyeson. “Developers even make their own video layout configurations via the API.” Whether it is the case of a virtual event, a team meeting with many participants or online classrooms, the intelligence that eyeson brings to video communication facilitates management and reduces online fatigue.

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