For the First Time 3.4 Billion Social Media Users Globally Can Now Earn Income from Their Videos, Photos and Comments with TippyTV

The TippyTV app allows content creators and social media users to make money on their terms. Social media sites make big money while content creators and general users make little to no income. Today that changes. Content creators big and small who meet our criteria will have ownership in the company, revenue share and have input into the direction of the TippyTV.

Facebook and YouTube get more than 12 Billion views per day and there are billions of more views on other websites. Imagine how many comments are generated with such a large volume of videos. TippyTV has created a revolutionary new way for the average user to earn income by monetizing comments through our Tippy Social feature which is an industry first. This new feature allows users to monetize the billions of comments made each day. Comments can be informative, funny, and all-around entertaining. Have you ever watched a “How to Video” and discovered the video had missing information? We all have, and here’s a true story. “I was watching a how-to video on replacing the cabin filter in my car. The filter was located behind the glovebox. I watched the video multiple times but could not remove the glove box. Someone in the comment section posted ‘There’s a plastic screw hidden behind the back top left corner of the glovebox out of view, turn it to release the glovebox.’ I tried it and it worked. This user’s comment saved me a trip to the dealership and few hundred dollars. I thanked him in the comment section but wanted to do more but there was no option, until now. If this user added his TippyTV Digi-Tip link or username after his comment I would’ve been able to leave him or her a well-deserved tip. Have you ever started watching a video or reading an article and went straight to the comment section? We all have. TippyTV believes that comments are the new content. Our goal is to normalize tipping on videos and comments,” says Eric Thompson Marketing Manager.

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TippyTV is easy to use. After downloading the app and registering, you’ll receive a TippyTV Digi-Tip link and username to tag your videos, photos, and comments. When the link is clicked tip amounts will be displayed in your web browser allowing you to select the tip amount $1$10. Tips can also be sent to users via our mobile app simply by entering the TippyTV username of the person you want to tip. Click here to see what people are saying about TippyTV.

Another area of monetization that’s often overlooked are photos. There’s approximately 95 Million Instagram and 350 Million Facebook photos uploaded each day, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Users can now tag their photos with their Digi-tip links or username.

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One of the biggest complaints among content creators is that major platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and others lack transparency and seem not to care about the average content creator. To counter this, content creators created their own company dedicated to creating a financial ecosystem that benefits not just the content creators, but general users who leave comments. Creators and general users can join TippyTV by downloading the iOS or Android app today.

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