Newborn Town’s Social App Yumy Downloads Surpasses 30 Million in 6 Months, Metaverse Module Added

Newborn Town Inc. (09911.HK), a globalized social networking company, said that its video-based social product Yumy downloads has surpassed 30 million, with an increase of over six folds within half a year. Meta Town, a Metaverse module newly included in Yumy, will be the key step of Newborn Town to explore Metaverse technology and realization, aiming at offering unprecedented next-gen video social experience for global users.

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As a HKSE-listed company, Newborn Town focuses on globalized open social networking and has built a portfolio consisting of both audio and video-based social products. Its core apps such as MICO and YoHo have built a strong foundation in emerging markets, including the Middle East and Southeast Asia, while they secured rapid growth in developed markets like North AmericaJapan and Korea this year. MICO, for instance, has entered the list of iOS Top 10 Best-selling Social Apps in 103 countries and regions, including many developed countries like the UK, CanadaGermany and Italy.

Yumy, a social app that the company strives to market this year, has achieved remarkable results rapidly. Its downloads was 5 million in late May, then topped 10 million in August, and climbed to 20 million in October. So far, the figure has soared to 30 million, with an accelerating growth speed. Yumy is also among the list of Google Play Top 10 Best-selling Social Apps in 36 countries, implying potential for profitability.

Meta Town, the Metaverse module added into Yumy, is now in the closed beta test. It allows users to customize and use 3D dynamic avatars for video matching and interaction.

“Newborn Town is dedicated to providing global users with real-time, efficient and immersive online social experiences, and Metaverse, such an extremely immersive social scenario that represents the super future of social networking, is what we have been actively exploring all along,” said Li Ping, CEO of the company.

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Over the past seven years, the company has been unfolding its layout in the field of global audio and video social networking, and has accumulated massive social users and their connections. In addition, its rich experience in real-time interaction, AI and other technical fields will also play a supportive role in the company’s exploration and development around Metaverse.

Metaverse may herald the ultimate form of the Internet. As an indispensable component of Metaverse, online social networking will be constantly evolving. As more and more social networking enterprises join in the army of Metaverse adventure, people may soon embrace a revolution that utterly reshapes online social experience.

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