Synamedia and Triveni Digital Join Forces to Transform TV Viewing Experience

Major global broadcasters and content owners tap Synamedia and Triveni Digital for video compression and delivery expertise

Global independent video software provider backed by Permira funds and Sky, Synamedia, has partnered with Triveni Digital to enable customers to seamlessly transition to ATSC 3.0. Triveni Digital is the leading provider of program guide and metadata management, data broadcasting and service quality assurance solutions for broadcasters and service providers. In addition, the pair also announced their current deployment with a major U.S. television production company. This collaboration equips broadcasters, content providers and service providers with the tools to deliver best-in-class viewing experiences while meeting their service requirements for premium picture quality, bandwidth efficiency and multi-screen transcoding and encoding.

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US Content Market Will See New Technology Boost with ATSC 3.0

The U.S. broadcast television industry is in the midst of a major transition to IP as the new standard for channel delivery. During this shift, ATSC 3.0 solutions must be able to support simultaneous broadcasts of both ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 signals. Triveni Digital’s Digital Broadcast Chain, which includes GuideBuilder® XM and Broadcast Gateway, provides architectural support on a unified platform for a coherent workflow across both services. Furthermore, Synamedia’s sophisticated compression technology and advanced solutions allow broadcasters to repack existing ATSC 1.0 and free up the required bandwidth to launch new ATSC 3.0 services.

“We were impressed with Synamedia’s track record of speed of deployment and uptime, both of which are key for ATSC 3.0 integration. These attributes, combined with their strong value proposition, made it an easy decision to work together on integrated comprehensive solutions,” said Mark Simpson, President and CEO for Triveni Digital.

Mark added, “Our collaboration to future-proof our networks and offer a smooth migration path to ATSC 3.0 ultimately best serves our joint customers including major U.S.- based content owners who now have a unified market-leading system for ATSC 3.0 transition needs.”

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Julien Signes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Network, Synamedia, stated —

“As the industry gears up for this major shift to increased broadcast capabilities with ATSC 3.0, combining the breadth of our portfolio and scale with a leading specialized vendor like Triveni will bring the best-of-breed solution to market more quickly. Triveni Digital has led many early market trials for ATSC 3.0, so this partnership was a no-brainer. We are excited to be at the forefront of this transition and glad to see that our current collective customers are already seeing the benefits of this collaboration.”

Currently, Synamedia provides video network that boasts a portfolio designed to ratchet up the quality and cost effectiveness of live streaming, featuring award winning services such as our virtualized Digital Content Manager, and ATSC 3.0 solutions. Synamedia is trusted by over 200 top satellite DTH, cable, telco and OTT operators, broadcasters and media companies.

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