Video Conferencing Equipment Supplier, IVCi, Lists and Explains the Top AV Technologies for Government Services

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Video conferencing equipment supplier, IVCi, lists and explains the top AV technologies for government services.

Government agencies have an increased need for transparency and a responsibility to keep the public informed. Therefore, providing access to meetings, displaying information clearly, and assisting those with impairments is essential. AV technology solutions can make it easier for governments to better serve their constituents with transparency.

Here are some of the top AV technologies that government services should invest in.

Video conferencing systems. Video conferencing removes distance, weather, and accessibility barriers that could prevent people from attending an important meeting. Agencies can get simple conferencing solutions with data encryption to allow for the dissemination of information without risking data security. AV technology set-ups can be simple yet highly impactful.

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Wireless presentation systems. When people do attend meetings in person, it’s important that the presentation runs smoothly. Clear audio and visuals are important in keeping the public informed, but wires, connectors, and adapters can be costly and hard to connect in certain spaces. A wireless presentation system is compatible with many different devices and can be implemented in almost any environment.

Digital signage and video walls. Digital signage and video walls help keep the public informed when meetings are not in session. They can provide highly visible indicators of when the next meeting is, any upcoming hearings, or important announcements. Content on digital signage and video walls is dynamic, so multiple messages can be displayed.

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Assistive listening devices. Government services are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which also applies to those with auditory impairments. Assistive listening devices allow governments to meet audio requirements and ensure that every member of the public can access important information.

Although AV technologies are beneficial (and in some cases necessary) for government services, there is still some hesitation around its implementation. Tightened budgets and historically preserved locations can cause some government agencies to shy away from AV technology installation. But with the right supplier and partner, government services can greatly benefit from the top AV technologies listed above.

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