MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0 Brings 33 Funny Animated Elements, and More

MiniTool® Software Limited has just launched the new version of the video editing software – MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0. The newly released version comes with 4 new features, including animated elements, custom edits for animated elements, online downloadable resources, and 9 custom tracks.

Newly Added Animated Elements Function 

MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0 adds a brand-new feature called Elements. This feature allows users to choose and add animated elements on the video clip and image.

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Currently, it has 12 built-in animated elements and 21 online ones. When first opening MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0, only the 12 preset animated elements are accessible and available to use. The other 21 online elements will appear in the Elements tab and can be downloaded after relaunching the new edition 4.0.

Support Animated Elements Editing 

MiniTool also endows the new version 4.0 of MiniTool MovieMaker the ability to edit the added animated elements.

First, it enables users to change the duration of the added element by dragging the edges of the element on the corresponding track. Second, it lets users choose the position of the animated element on the video clip or a certain frame.

And then, it allows users to change the size of the element by dragging the Scale slider. Finally, MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0 enables users flip and rotate the added elements.

Newly Added Online Resources for Transition/Effect/Text/Motion/Elements

MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0 comes with more transitions, video filters, text styles, and motion effects.

In addition to online animated elements, the new version 4.0 adds new and downloadable resources for transition, effect, text, and motion. And these resources will be available to download and edit after launching the latest version for the second time.

Support up to 9 Tracks to Add Text and Animated Elements

MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0 supports up to 9 tracks for adding captions and elements to the video. And users can add different caption styles and multiple animated elements with each track.

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