New Research from Brightcove Finds 94 Percent of Employees Enjoy At Least One Event Live Streamed in the Workplace

Almost Half of the Enterprise Audience (49 Percent) Find Internal Company Meetings to Be the Most Valuable Use Case for Live-Streamed Video

Brightcove Inc., the leading provider of cloud services for video, announced the findings from its 2018 Enterprise Video Survey, analyzing live-streamed video preferences in the workplace. The study found that of enterprise employees who have experienced live-streamed video at work, 94 percent enjoy at least one event to be live streamed, and among those respondents, 67 percent actually prefer live-streamed to pre-recorded video for at least one event at work. Looking at the most preferred work situations in which employees prefer live-streamed video, 49 percent stated for internal company meetings, 37 percent for conference keynotes, and 33 percent for an internal company update or announcement.

@Brightcove Research Analyzes Live-streamed Video Preferences in the Workplace; 94% Enjoy At Least One Event Live Streamed

The survey also found that live-streamed video is particularly impactful to employees under 40 years of age. Among those who have watched a live-streamed video at work:

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  • 61 percent of 18-39 year olds enjoy the ability to interact in real-time; compared to 50 percent of employees of all ages
  • 53 percent of 18-39 year olds feel they can obtain information more quickly through live-streamed video; compared to 45 percent of employees of all ages
  • 52 percent of 18-39 year olds feel that live-streamed video is more natural than pre-recorded video; compared to 44 percent of employees of all ages

While live-streamed video has become an increasingly-popular trend within the enterprise, 77 percent of enterprise employees surveyed reported experiencing some issues while watching live-streamed video at work, underscoring the importance of integrating a robust video solution that delivers a reliable, high-quality live-streamed video experience. The most common issues experienced by these employees include: buffering (51 percent), poor sound quality (41 percent), poor video quality (27 percent), and disconnections (27 percent).

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“Live-streamed video has many benefits within the enterprise as it allows for authentic and impactful communication amongst employees,” said Charles Chu, Chief Product Officer, Brightcove. “While the demand for live-streamed video within the workplace is rising, it’s also important for enterprises to implement the right video solution in order to reduce the challenges that can occur by virtue of live streaming. Partnering with a video solution like Brightcove that has the ability to deliver seamless and reliable high-quality videos is the most seamless way to execute a successful and practical live-streamed video strategy.”

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