Vbrick Extends Video Reach and Accessibility in December Rev Release

Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video platform solutions, announced innovations in audience accessibility and reach with the December 2020 Rev Platform Release. Live subtitles through machine transcription and extended language translation build on Vbrick’s investments in delivering accessibility and global reach of video. Additionally, the December release delivers enhancements in content management capabilities and enhanced system analytics.

Video is experiencing wide-spread adoption across public and private enterprises of all sizes. As a result, organizations need easy to use video solutions that can support accessibility requirements as well as multi language capabilities to reach a global workforce. Vbrick has recognized this need and continues to innovate with enhancements to the viewer experience for live webcasts.

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With this December 2020 release, Vbrick extends integrations with Microsoft Teams to bring complete self-service webcasts to any Microsoft Teams user. Microsoft Teams users are now able to seamlessly and efficiently deliver large scale internal and external video streaming events through Rev’s integrated CDN and eCDN video distribution capabilities.

The Rev Cloud December Release further offers key transcription and translation capabilities that deliver increased accessibility and global reach:

  • Live subtitles for webcasts sourced through video conferencing integration: Provides the ability to add subtitles via machine transcription and translation. Subtitles carry through to the Event Recordings.
  • Increased language support: Rev now supports automated transcription from 11 languages for recorded content and 8 languages for live content, automated translation for 46 languages and uploading subtitles in 61 languages. In addition, WebVTT format for captions is now supported for upload as well.

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“At Vbrick, our mission is to partner with our customers to leverage the power of video to empower and engage with their employees and transform their organizations. Reaching every employee means meeting them in their preferred language and I’m excited that our new live transcription and translation capabilities will mean broader reach for that video content. Empowering users also means making the process of creating video content and hosting webcast events much more self-service. Our new Microsoft Teams integration is the latest development in our effort to help organizations extend video streaming and on-demand capabilities across the enterprise with a seamless user experience. Our December release continues the journey we’re on to ensure everyone in an organization can benefit from the power of video,” said Olivier Meyer, VP of Product, Vbrick Systems, Inc.

Additionally, the Rev Cloud December Release builds on powerful video content management and analytics capabilities to deliver greater control and insight:

  • Self-Service Video Category Management: Provides the ability to delegate the administration and contribution of video content into categories of videos.
  • Enhanced System Analytics: Provides the ability to see and easily drill down into video-on-demand usage across an account, including top videos and details about views across the Rev platform.

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