Wondershare Anireel Makes it Easy to Create Animated Explainer Videos

Turn scripts into videos, animate images, and enjoy text-to-speech functionalities to streamline animated videos

Creating quality animated explainer video content isn’t always easy, especially for beginners and enthusiasts. Whether it’s writer’s block with coming up with fresh, new ideas or the lack of necessary equipment and budget, animation video creators sometimes face daunting issues. As a leading company in digital creativity software, Wondershare has launched Wondershare Anireel, an animated video editing software with rich, fun elements, and scenes to help animated video creators easily create, edit and finish an impressive video.

“Anireel provides a faster and smoother animated video creation experience with customizable elements to bring anyone’s imagination to life,” said Iris Zhou, Product Director of Wondershare Anireel. “All you have to do is choose your script, input the content, and Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animation explainer scenes, convert the text into voice-over, and generate a vivid, complete animation video.”

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Here are the major features that Wondershare Anireel offers:

Turn Scripts into Video with One Click

Anireel has a vast array of templates that fit many types of scripts. By simply choosing the type of script and adding content, it can instantly match the script to rich animations, convert the text into voice-over, and generate animated explainer videos without having to start from scratch.

Rich Customizable Assets

Anireel features a great variety of drag and drop characters, actions, props, text, and audio assets. Users will be able to modify the size and color of the assets. The software also supports imported pictures, videos, and audio assets, covering almost all formats.

Instant Text-to-Speech Conversion

Anireel makes dubbing simple. Easy Text-to-Speech conversion allows users to choose different voice options and avoid the hassle and expense of hiring voice actors or using studio recording services.

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