Agility CMS Solidifies its Leadership Position in Headless Market by Launching GraphQL Support

Agility CMS, a Headless CMS leader according to G2 Crowd Summer 2021 Report, launches GraphQL support to further solidify its position as a leading enterprise-grade CMS.

Agility CMS, a leading API-first headless CMS built for speed, has announced the general availability of its GraphQL API. The introduction of GraphQL supports developer productivity and enables fast, agile development of enterprise-grade websites and applications.

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Agility CMS launched v1 of their GraphQL API, which provides users with a GraphQL Playground Interface where they can query content from their Agility CMS Instance, using a GraphQL schema based on its defined content models.

With support for GraphQL, Agility CMS solidifies its position as one of the most flexible headless CMSs on the market. Agility CMS allows developers to use any API they choose to manipulate data, thus improving the platform’s flexibility and productivity.

“GraphQL powers modern e-commerce and digital transformation. With this launch of GraphQL support, Agility CMS can help enterprises to build superior digital solutions with ease,” said Jon Voigt, CEO at Agility CMS.

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Created by Facebook in 2012 and open-sourced in 2015, GraphQL is a query language for APIs used to request data — or send queries to a database. GraphQL is designed to make APIs flexible, fast, precise, and developer-friendly, and it’s rapidly becoming the standard for API-based data access.

GraphQL ensures that developers and applications only load the relevant and absolute necessary data in a single request — even if it’s from multiple sources — which means no more over or under fetching of data.

“GraphQL is becoming a defacto standard for data access. Each Agility instance is unique, with bespoke content model created by you. GraphQL is a great way to access that data, and you can do it using a visual interface. It’s a great way to discover your content and find more value in it,” said Joel Varty President, and CTO at Agility CMS.

Agility CMS now supports both GraphQL and Content Fetch REST API, as well as Content Sync SDK.

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