Celebrus Points the Way to GDPR Compliance with New Product Release

Latest Update Delivers Host Of Crucial GDPR Compliance Enablers

Celebrus has announced general availability of the latest release of its leading enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP). Offering an accelerated journey for organisations challenged by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new Celebrus GDPR-compliant CDP delivers timely features in key areas of the legislation which is due to come into force in May 2018. It supports an enterprise storing all of the consent data provided by visitors to its digital channels, not only detailing a comprehensive view of the entire customer journey but also acting as an enabler for compliance by identifying the precise point at which consent was granted or amended.

The key components of the Celebrus GDPR-compliant CDP are:

  • Complete support for GDPR rights including access, erasure, rectification, and audit. This addresses the key concerns for EU citizens that the GDPR is designed to overcome.
  • Granular collection rules to support rich consent levels, including opt-out and anonymous data collection. This enables businesses to achieve unrivaled insight from their digital channels, even when no consent has been granted by visitors.
  • Control over initial consent when new visitors arrive on a site or mobile application with dynamic consent allowing real-time changes to permissions in-session. This consent status is also passed to downstream applications and facilitated across channels with database lookups.
  • Pre-built connectors to data warehouses for complete audit trail alongside assembly and sharing of captured PII data with visitors in a readable format.

Additional features are also being made available in this release, continuing the Celebrus heritage of innovation and leadership in the CDP marketplace:

Streaming Analytics, Feeding Industry-Leading Clouds
Enriching the Celebrus CDP’s existing streaming capabilities, this release makes available new connectors for clients using Java Message Service (JMS) and Kafka including those using cloud-based event queuing services like those available on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. These enhancements support the growth in demand among enterprises for real-time streaming of customer behavioral data into systems of insight and engagement for decisioning, personalization, marketing automation, fraud identification and other advanced analytics applications.

Database Enrichments, Unrivalled Customer Profiling
Reinforcing its status as the market’s most comprehensive real-time enterprise Customer Data Platform, this release of Celebrus delivers database enrichments that create new events on the Celebrus Event Stream from external data sources. This feature supports MariaDB, Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle OCI and Teradata, calling out to remote systems to gather information for captured events. This enhances a business’s ability to verify enterprise-wide consent information about an individual when they arrive on site as well as providing opportunities to gather data in real-time that delivers more accurate, personalized experiences.

Device Orientation Capture for CX, Pixel Tracking for Campaign Attribution
The Celebrus CDP already offers a patented, tagging-free capability to capture customer data from across all digital channels and this release extends that functionality to provide rich behavioral data about device orientation on mobile devices. This enables an enhanced view of customer experience and offers unrivaled support for developers of mobile apps and mobile-optimised websites. This will increase the quality of mobile interaction for Celebrus clients and optimise customer engagement on these channels.

For digital marketers, the Celebrus CDP now measures the performance of banner advertising with a new pixel tracking feature. Pixel tracking is triggered when a banner ad is placed on an advertiser’s website and allows Celebrus to join up current and future customer behavior with historic activity for a complete picture of campaign attribution and advertising performance. This can also leverage the data within an existing data management platform (DMP) to enhance the opportunities for analysis of campaign responses and customer behaviors.

Peter Kear, CEO of Celebrus’ parent company, D4t4 Solutions Plc, commented: “The latest update to the Celebrus CDP features so many advancements that it almost feels like a major release. The GDPR-compliant capabilities of our platform are an opportune addition to our clients’ GDPR initiatives and will accelerate their journey to compliance.” He added: “Thanks to innovations made by our talented product development team, we can also package a raft of additional enhancements in this release too. Our broadening of streaming analytics connectors makes real-time data available to more systems of insight and engagement than ever before while the new database enrichments provide our clients with greater opportunities to enhance customers’ experiences and increase loyalty through profiling. Finally, CX professionals will be delighted with the enhanced behavioral data on mobile device orientation while digital marketers will be able to drive increased ROI from their banner campaigns with our new pixel tracking feature.”

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