Free Thinkers Get Surveillance-Free File Storage Through Opacity Web 2.0

Opacity, the next-generation cloud storage provider that prioritizes privacy, is pleased to announce that Opacity Web 2.0 is now available to the public at This enhanced version of Opacity allows users to effortlessly share files while protecting sensitive information with end-to-end encryption. Created by innovators who are committed to bringing the right to privacy into SaaS, Opacity serves as the free thinker’s alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox. The new user-focused platform enhances the individual experience in every way.

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What is Opacity Web 2.0?

The modern world is a veritable treasure trove of sensitive information – Opacity Web 2.0 ensures that data never falls into the wrong hands. Opacity offers different storage plans at competitive rates:

  • Opacity’s Starter plan is a free version that offers 10 GB of encrypted storage through its easily navigable platform. Privacy for everyone!
  • Opacity Plus offers 128 GB of storage for only $39.99 per year. Users can also purchase the Plus plan with 2 OPCT tokens.
  • Opacity Professional offers a massive 1 TB of data at only $99.99 annually. By using the Opacity Drive Windows desktop app, it offers unlimited file sizes and syncing with user desktops. The Professional plan is also available for 16 OPCT tokens.
  • Opacity Business is perfect for enterprises; 2 TB of data can be secured at $119.99 per year. The Business plan is also available for 32 OPCT tokens.

Every version of Opacity Web features end-to-end encryption and private file sharing. Opacity guarantees there is no 3rd party tracking of your data and allows you to access your storage from anywhere. It’s user-focused service provides private handles which remain secret to ensure consumer privacy is paramount. Thanks to the OPCT token, Opacity users can buy data storage without even needing a credit card or other identifying payment information.

Opacity leaves competitors in the dust

Traditional storage services are simply too vulnerable to serious data breaches. Dropbox and other cloud storage services have already allowed the data of millions to fall into the wrong hands in the past; one 2012 Dropbox data breach led to the data of 68 million users being put on the open web. Opacity prioritizes customer privacy and makes it easy to access your files. Opacity CEO Jason Coppola notes that “Crypto is like a foreign language to most people. It needs to be simple and easy for the masses.” Luckily, Opacity Web allows users to easily share files and sync local files with Opacity’s cloud storage.

Opacity Web is easy to use without dense technical knowledge and guarantees all of your files are 100% private and encrypted. Not even Opacity can access a user’s file. Opacity also prioritizes privacy by splitting files during upload. Opacity users can even stake their own cryptocurrency – OPCT tokens – to earn cash back over time. Millions of OPCT tokens can be earned by participants of the Uniswap liquidity pool. When it comes to ease of use and navigability, Opacity storage is the best in the market for blockchain file sharing.

Exciting features with unmatched security

Opacity ensures all files are private by default and allows effortless private sharing. Opacity’s public sharing allows for decrypted sharing when users want to spread data with the world. The platform even permits easy sharing of images to popular social media channels like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. If users want to stop sharing an image, they can revoke public access to ensure their files become private once again.

Opacity guarantees that pure privacy and sharing data with others are compatible with one another. The ever-popular OPCT token – sometimes called the Opacity coin – permits savvy users to spend their money wisely. Opacity’s pledge to require no personal information is the cornerstone of its security. With Opacity Web 2.0, access your data with newfound security and ease at an affordable price.

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