G/O Media Announces Launch of G/O Veritas, the Publisher’s Proprietary First-Party Audience Data Product

Today G/O Media, a leading digital publisher, announced the launch of its new audience data product, G/O Veritas. Veritas was developed with over fifteen years of proprietary audience insights from across G/O Media’s portfolio of sites, and offers marketers a direct and engaging way to connect with their target audiences, while keeping user privacy at the forefront. With an audience-first approach to targeting, G/O Veritas allows G/O Media to serve audiences and advertisers relevant, engaging content while maintaining the highest standards of user privacy.

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“G/O Media is not only a media company, but also a collaborative technology partner, ” says Michael Dugan, Chief Technology Officer at G/O Media. “The foundation for G/O Veritas stems from over fifteen years of quality content built and maintained on our homegrown Kinja CMS platform. G/O Veritas allows our sales and marketing teams to deeply understand our audiences and create thoughtful connections with advertising partners. G/O Veritas will elevate our advertising effectiveness across the G/O Media brands, while placing user privacy at the front of the line by employing its audience-first approach.”

G/O Media has built and managed first-party audiences for years, bringing an audience-first approach to business partnerships. While G/O Media’s mission remains first and foremost to provide relevant, engaging content that readers connect with, G/O Veritas opens the door for advertisers to connect on-site at that pivotal moment in a natural way. As the scope and scale of first-party data across the G/O Media platform continues to grow, G/O Veritas will continue to evolve and evangelize its audiences in the marketplace, offering creative partnership opportunities backed by its content driven data sets, and making G/O Media’s audience easy to understand and buy.

“The purest form of intent signal is context, ” says David Spiegel, Chief Revenue Officer at G/O Media. “G/O Media is a diversified, interest-based publisher built on the original engagement platform, Kinja, and we believe we are in a strong position to deliver first-party intent, interest, and performance driven audience for our partners to utilize.” Spiegel continues, “Insights from G/O Veritas will not only power our audience targeting strategy, but also how we deliver the most unique and resonant custom programs to our partners.”

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