BuzzBoard Announces Category Insights to Help Understand Customers Better

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Category Insights and Coverage For More Than 700 Business Categories for the US

BuzzBoard Inc, a pioneer in cloud services data provider, revealed that it has expanded the business category insights provides more than 700 verticals. The sectors include manufacturing, retail, transportation and other professional services.

If you’re looking to understand the frequency around home improvement businesses or learn about the Life Time Value of Customers (LTV) in the field of dentistry—BuzzBoard will now offer it all across millions of small businesses.

Recognized as a leader in providing detailed business profiles– BuzzBoard helps enterprise-level companies drive sales of their cloud-based products and services to America’s SMBs.

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Customer care and sales professionals are now able to engage in better interactions with their SMB clients by having access to insights which are from a plethora of insights.

BuzzBoard works with leading companies and data networks to cluster data and facts that are highly functional for companies, who want to know in-depth info related to the preferences of their customers.

Last month, BuzzBoard announced a partnership with Borrell Associates to provide advertising and marketing spend-data for individual business categories across the US.

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BuzzBoard’s unique position includes bringing together well-researched and analyzed category insights along with detailed business profiles of SMBs. This helps enable customer care professionals to determine their best prospects and lead with driven result-oriented solutions.

BuzzBoard uncovers data-driven insights about SMBs that drive more meaningful conversations for marketers and sellers, resulting in increased sales across the customer lifecycle. By applying data science and digital signals to the world’s most extensive collection of business intelligence about SMBs, BuzzBoard answers the most important question for marketers and sellers: why will my prospects and customers want to engage? BuzzBoard transforms unproductive sales interactions into customized opportunities to improve customer engagement, book more appointments and close deals faster. BuzzBoard is headquartered in San Francisco.

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