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DataFox Launches Account Scoring to Help B2B Teams Find Best-Fit Accounts

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A Data-Focused Approach to Account-Based Sales and Marketing

DataFox, the Company Intelligence provider, has launched Account Scoring, a new product that helps businesses and financial firms find and prioritize their best-fit targets.

As account-based strategies grow in prominence, sales and marketing teams are increasingly relying on Artificial Intelligence to predict which accounts to prioritize. However, the challenge with any account-based approach boils down to two components: a robust data foundation and a flexible configuration to fit your strategy.

DataFox solves this challenge in an entirely new way:

1. DataFox uses AI, user submissions, and human verification to build a robust set of account data
2. DataFox built a scoring system that is controllable and transparent.

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1. A robust set of account data

Using AI-powered and human-verified data, DataFox focuses on company data first and foremost, including firmographic, technographic, and signal data. As Jake Biskar, Head of Sales Development at Rainforest QA describes it, “building a sustainable outbound engine is incredibly challenging specifically because it’s hard to crack the data puzzle. DataFox is a critical part of our opportunity sourcing process as it is the foundation of all our company data.”

Because customers’ scores apply to all of DataFox’s 2 million+ companies, DataFox insights can go beyond what your CRM is aware of and surface the top-scoring companies that should be in your CRM. According to Joe Caprio, VP Inside Sales at InsightSquared, “DataFox increases the number of deals sourced by helping to identify and prioritize business opportunities that would otherwise be missed.”

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2. Controllable and transparent scoring

Vishal Sunak
Vishal Sunak

Account Scoring empowers the whole team: from the head of operations to the individual contributor. Every member can see underlying criteria and understand the rationale for a score. As Vishal Sunak, CEO of LinkSquares puts it, “I’ve been exposed to predictive solutions before, sometimes it feels too much like a black box. With DataFox Account Scoring, the number is backed by all the analysis work that I’ve done to support why I believe an account is a good fit. We now have a targeted universe of prospect accounts, without any guesswork.”

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David Pitta
David Pitta

In competitive markets, customers’ strategies evolve regularly, but it is both difficult and expensive to gather all of the necessary data to keep company rankings relevant. DataFox allows users to incorporate new datasets automatically and iterate on the scoring model at any time. Account scores can now adapt in lock-step with a company’s continuously evolving strategy. David Pitta, CMO of BrightTALK adds, “With DataFox, we can align marketing campaigns and mobilize our Sales Development teams into action. This was impossible to do at scale without DataFox.”

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Mike Dorsey
Mike Dorsey

DataFox Co-founder Mike Dorsey says, “Our mission is to eliminate grunt work in the enterprise so that people can focus on smarter, more strategic activities. DataFox data is the backbone of our clients’ account-based strategy. Now, Account Scoring provides a synthesis layer that leverages both DataFox and client CRM data to deliver a unified view of best-fit accounts across systems. This leads to better sales-marketing alignment and bigger deals.”

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